SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge – The Birthday Week!


For my whole life (not surprisingly) my older brother and I have shared the same birthday week (I know technically some years the birth dates fall in two different weeks, not this year though!) – and once (only once – with two Leo children my mother never made the same mistake again!) even a birthday cake was shared.

I should explain it was a gift from an Aunty who was practising the cake decorating craze of the 80’s and as my mum tried to explain the cake half was as big (if not bigger) than a full birthday cake would have been! I should also add that at the time (and again for the only time) mum had booked our summer holiday during the birthday week and we were in a caravan – so there was a certain space storage issue. cake

Still the jealous little sister in me (of which there was a high percentage!) never got over the fact that on my birthday half a cake was revealed – a half I had already seen 5 days earlier!


Okay so after that intro where is this slice heading? The jealousy has subsided – especially as he is closer to 40 than me and this brings me some relief! And also (I hope) I grew up a little bit!
So today is my older brother’s birthday … I don’t know what his plans are but I plan on dropping his card and gift in later so I hope he is in!

This week we are also both seeing Dad (he is a jazz musician) I have arranged for some friends to come to a gig on the Friday night for a pre-birthday outing (I am a LEO – my birthday can last a week! – For my 21st I did 21 days/nights – I no longer have the stamina, time or money for such a feat! I was fresh out of college and enjoying what I thought would be my last free summer… two years before I went back to college as a teacher and got every summer free!) There is another gig on Saturday (my actual birthday that my bro and his family are going to!) Fortunately they can squeeze me and a meal in first!

I have just remembered (now my ego has taken a breath!) that the slices are retrospective of the week past… I will start again and you can wait for next week to hear the birthday instalment!


A week ago my mum came to help me get the house straight – we now have the whole of the downstairs (if I forget the cupboard and lean to) sorted, unpacked, clean and lived in.
I didn’t get up to much last week as I was in recovery after socialising to the max whilst we had our houseguest. I kind of needed a rest!

People came to view my apartment and the estate agents gave me feedback – I spent a while imagining it was sold. And fingers crossed I think that wish is manifesting!

I took mum for an appointment and had lunch with her. It was nice to spend time together. I also caught up with a few friends – had a lovely day in the park and lunch at a friend’s and enjoyed the sunshine.

We had planned to go to the allotment over the weekend – the strawberries of the summer are no more – we are now enjoying cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, French beans and soon onions too!

We went last night instead as we were both asleep for a great part of Sunday!

Mr G spent a while prepping the summer house as our drying out venue for the veg and we shared a glass in the garden before coming in and cooking our first meal together in the kitchen (it’s the little things!) He found my fridge magnet word set and we had a word battle on the fridge before serving up! The allotment beans and potatoes were GORGEOUS!

I woke up this morning to a social media influx of shooting stars and cosmos based statuses – after all the nights we have spent star gazing (the constellations are so clear) we were inside cooking, eating and sleeping whilst the rest of my friends were watching an amazing meteor shower! Gutted. Although I did see lots of shooting stars the other week.

Anyway another great week and half way through the summer holiday.


For all slicers remember the connection theme – go and read someone you have never read before!

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  1. I loved this peek into your week and I can’t wait for next week’s birthday reflection! I have a brother and sister born on Dec. 23 and 25. My own children’s birthdays are one day apart, so I totally understand. I looked around your blog a bit. I love the energy of your writing, and I especially enjoyed your poem after the OK tornado. I grew up in OK and although I watch very little TV, I did see this clip. I love how you captured that interview in your poem.
    And I simply must share your answers to “How does writing feel to you?”
    Writing feels like a comfortable winter jumper, pulled on to warm you from the cold.
    Writing feels like a hug.
    Writing is a union – a lifelong commitment between my pen and me.
    Writing feels like the thing I am meant to do.
    It feels like holding a slice of heaven in my heart!
    I may have to borrow that phrase (with your permission) to introduce my weekly SOL!

    • What a lovely response. Thanks Ramona I hope you enjoyed your splash in the fountain – and reminding me of how I described writing – fortunately it is still true 🙂 Thanks for following as well – sure you can enjoy lots of posts now.

      The news from Oklahoma was widely covered and I just couldn’t believe the strength of the survivors – and this lady who had lost everything. Just telling the journalist how her prayers were answered she was so happy to have survived – and then LIVE on air – her dog whom she had also prayed for… appeared…
      It was amazing to watch her reaction, to share that moment in real time. I wanted to mark the event through writing but was battling with myself over covering such serious tragedy in this way – that lady’s experience gave me an angle that I could comfortably use and ray of light in a devastated world!

      I am not sure which phrase you mean the slice of heaven? I am sure we can come to some arrangement … You borrow it and tell people how great the blog of this writer is 😉 (joke) – possibly a good idea though. I have yet to read the slices this week.

  2. I understand how you felt about sharing a birthday cake with your brother. I had to share my birthday with two brothers. We all had birthdays within four days of each other, so it was always a combined cake and party. The first birthday party just for me was when I turned forty. Enjoy your day! Mine comes later this month.

    • Oh my goodness Elsie I cannot imagine how that must have been all your life – I think my brother and I have always tried to have a separate celebration – even on this holiday when we were younger, my mum made sure we both had a birthday outing/ celebration on our special day.
      At least sharing a birthday there were always people around – with the summer birthday my mum used to let me invite as many friends as I wanted (I thought this was great) and only realised as an adult that she knew most people would be away on holiday!
      I will enjoy my birthday – hope you enjoy yours too!

  3. I’ve never had to share a birthday, per se. However, almost everyone in my family has a birthday on a national or Jewish holiday. It’s kind of crazy. Therefore, there’s always something else going on at that time of year. Makes planning parties a little difficult!

    • Oh my goodness – all the birthdays on special days. Double celebrations aplenty then! I can imagine planning some of the parties would be a challenge. Thanks for reading and commenting on my slice.

  4. Shared birthday cakes bring their own special connection and joy. My son and husband are a day apart, and they have shared a cake for years and years – and love doing so. It was lovely to read of the way you feast from your garden, too.

    • It is lovely your husband and your son enjoy the tradition of their shared cake. Glad you enjoyed reading the slice. Our home-grown food is lovely – such full flavour from salad and vegetables. we have been doing it for years now and just get better and better results. Thanks for your comments.

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