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Have you planned your week yet?


Great advice about planning and goal setting!
Don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of the week if you manage to achieve all you set out to do!

Live to Write - Write to Live

It’s Monday, do you have your plan for the week made out yet?

  • If Yes — congrats! You’re on your way to a productive week.
  • If no — what are you waiting for?

Do you know — specifically — what the top 3 tasks are that you want to have accomplished by Friday?

  • If Yes — Fantastic!
  • If no — how about a top 1 or top 2?

Do you know what little steps you need to take this week to reach your annual goal for x? Of your big goals for the year, each has several smaller steps needed. Have you been on track to reach a goal by 12/31?

  • If Yes — you’re on fire!
  • If no — why not take some time today to look your goals over and evaluate yourself?

calendarAre there a lot of carry over tasks from last week to this week? Have they…

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Back on the Main Frame!


AWF oct

I am back after a lovely birthday weekend. I will wait for the SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge, tomorrow, to share my latest news. Monday is a popular and busy time online – I hope to catch up with some writing challenges I missed over the weekend. Although, my time online is limited! (Until later.)

Exciting artwork for ‘Inkspill’ has been completed. I have pinned a SAVE THE DATE post to the top of the blog. I am excited that the poll results showed INKSPILL was the most popular choice of name for the online writing retreat, it was my favourite! I can reveal that now.

You will hear more about this event over the next few weeks and I would also be grateful for  reblogging of marketing posts or sharing of artwork on your own blogs to spread the news of the retreat. I am looking forward to you taking the opportunity of a free writing weekend too.

I am currently in the comments dashboard and I hope I don’t miss any of your comments out. Thanks again for following and splashing about in the Fountain whilst I was offline growing old(er)…

AWF oct