Daily Prompt: Life Line


Daily Prompt: Life Line

by michelle w. on August 12, 2013

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HANDS.

world handsI’m not really interested in having my fortune told, I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo – but this is a long flight to Singapore and I am going to sit next to this lady for a few hours. What’s the worst she can tell me? That I am going to die? We are all going to die at some point.

I hold out my hand, palm upwards. The lady goes quiet, closes her eyes, grasps my hand in both of hers and squeezes. Then she releases my hand and opens her eyes.

She’s performing this strange ritual rather publically in the middle aisle seats. She makes no eye contact, no reassuring sounds or words, she stares at my palm and slowly starts tracing the lines with the smooth skin of her own index finger.

“Your fate line is very faint and your heart and life lines are long. You express your emotions freely but you are selfish in love.

…. You have suffered an emotional trauma.

Your head line is short but you are very creative, you enjoy adventure and have enthusiasm for life (fairly obvious I would have thought as I am on a plane!)

Your life will be full of momentous decisions. (Better neat my indecisive nature then!)

Your life line shows that you have plenty of vitality and strength (I’m still listening to you aren’t I?)

You are a self-made individual, you had aspirations from early childhood. Your palm is ‘Fire’ (that links to my zodiac) and this means that you are; spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic, sometimes egoistic, impulsive and insensitive. (Nice!) You are an extrovert, (well that one’s easy!) You do things boldly and instinctively.”

She stops for a moment and looks up at me.

“Do you recognise yourself?”

“Yes thank you, very accurate.” That is what I said, but I couldn’t help thinking she had taught me nothing at all.

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    • Thanks. As I sat here learning about palmistry (now fully qualified I’m sure ;)) it got me thinking about our lines. I know that every fingerprint (like snowflakes) are unique but how similar must our palms be? This is such a general glossary that I feel anyone could apply it to themselves. Of course those that believe there is some truth can praise the parallels this reading drew with me and my actual life…

      PS I attract the bizarre passenger in seats next to me ALL the time…. even on buses when there are plenty of free seats available!

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  5. I had a card reading about 5 years ago, Scary, weird and accurate, I’m afraid. I wouldn’t do it again. Prefer putting my own aura, positive energy, karma into the universe and allowing life to happen as a result!

    • I have never had one – the thought of it scares me – although in my research for this piece it was nice to find out that the length of your lifeline does NOT determine the length of your life – which is a great relief as mine is quite short!

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