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SOLC Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6This week has flown by. At the beginning of the week we had our houseguest back from France. I finished the DIY on the apartment and FINALLY got it on the market! I socialised with friends. Celebrated a surprise birthday party and another Leo birthday and a wedding and also had friends over to the house at the weekend.

Yesterday my friend started her long journey back to Australia.036331-3d-glossy-blue-orb-icon-transport-travel-transportation-airplane3 I was so tired I tried to sort the house but ended up sleeping lots!
Today I asked my mum for help – accepting I needed motivating. I collected Garden furniture from hers and then she helped me unpack the lounge. We shared lunch & then she stayed until teatime helping me LOTS!
Couldn’t have achieved it without her. Also did laundry and other chores. The whole DOWNSTAIRS of the house is now done!
When Mr G came home from work he set up the Wii and we played The Cube (Christmas present)it was fab. Addictive. We played for over an hour. We both beat the Cube, once! Great fun.

Mr G cooked a curry and we watched a film. Now drinking a ginger wine sample (Christmas present) it’s the day for them… Next stop – bed! 12404137485srOB1

Gratitude journal stunt writing Day #16



Gratitude Day 16 #

I am grateful for a mother who understands what I need and helped me achieve an unpacked lounge today!


On Staying Inspired


Seems that I was meant to find this post straight after the one I just posted – about the Promises to Myself today!

SD Relational Wellness

12 Tips On Staying Inspired

Graphic by 24slides.
Author: Sheilah Overman, MS., Marriage & Family Therapy Intern, and IMF #71336
I am wishing you a quick hello and happy Monday afternoon!
At times, inspiration may come easier than others. If you are feeling the lack of inspiration lately, you may need to reevaluate your daily or weekly routines and habits. Often times, we take for granted the crucial impact that sleep plays in our lives. If we are not getting enough of it, tackling our daily tasks or beginning that new project may seem like a dreaded chore…So get more Zzzz, please.
Above is a great visual diagram which represents aspects of our lives that may need tending to. Look at the diagram, and ask yourself; Am I focusing on these areas adequately? You may find that you need to incorporate more exercise into your routine, or spend more time browsing educational material that…

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Promises to Myself


Today I am collecting garden furniture and sorting out the lounge (unpacking etc.)

I am going to spend sometime visiting blogs.

I am going to catch up with the online writing course as I missed yesterday’s deadline.

I am going to write for the Slice of Life Challenge.

I am going to look at my research notes and build up the August Writing Schedule to keep myself on track.

There is a submission I have to complete by September that I am going to focus on.


I realise because of moving and having friends visiting I really haven’t managed much writing in the past few weeks. I have had my unintentional break and now I need to climb back on the writer’s chair. Chores can be blocked around the writing and so can unpacking and setting the house straight. I can only imagine how good it will feel by the time I am done!

I recognise I struggle with self-motivation, not working has that affect!

Today I promise to say goodbye to the procrastinating pixie and get on with my life.

I will use my time wisely and push on through the feeling of tiredness I seem to permanently exist within.

I will make these promises so that before I sleep tonight I will have written – I will slip into sleep knowing that I have had a day of achievements and tomorrow I will endeavour to do the same! nike

Make some promises to yourself today to fit the things in that really matter!