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Celebrate – Not Old Enough to Be A Wise Owl- But A Hoot All the Same!


It is my birthday! I am awake ridiculously early considering I got home after midnight and wasn’t in bed until about 3 hours ago – I am surprisingly awake also…. Not falling for it though! With more celebrations later I am heading back to bed as soon as I have posted a this in blogland.cup

I don’t know whether I will have any online time later. I may update from the mobile. Then again I probably won’t. Maybe I have woken at this dark (in the summer!) hour just to be able to leave you all a message! My message is this;





Celebrate today.

Think of all the good in your life,

Make a list if you want to,

A gratitude list.


Enjoy the day,

Embrace the weekend.

Smile at strangers.

Feel happiness seep into your heart.


Say one good thing

to everyone you talk to today.

Be kind to yourself.

Think well of yourself.


Spend a moment alone.

Fill it with something you love.




… Be.




bf bd

I hadn’t intended to write a poem, more a list of instructions. You decide. I will write about my own celebrations in one post at the end  of the weekend – last night was fabulous though.

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and … lie about your age.

cake Enjoy your day!