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Researching Writing Opportunities


typewriter I have managed to complete some research this month and haven’t scheduled time for writing – I think the summer will always be a challenging time for me – maybe I should just plan to take a week or two off next year unless I am in the middle of a project!

Due to Camp NaNoWriMo I haven’t written a writing schedule for July or August. I need one this month to keep me motivated and on track as my main missions are to sort the house and celebrate my birthday! write1

I spent several hours (about 4 looking online for a variety of opportunities – I found some that I missed! Instead of completing a million different things I may step back and take the time to work on one or two short stories and send them out. I realise with all this writing I have only had one thing published. Although the rejections are part of the course for a writer and I am not allowing them to set me back. I am acknowledging that true quality takes time.

I planned to spend this year seeking opportunities across all genres and submitting as much as I could. I have already questioned the path I am on and whether I should focus on the poetry – as I am a published poet and this is the genre which happens naturally for me!

imagesCALAS5MY I just wondered how other people focus their research – are there other writers like me who seek every and any opportunity? Do you focus by genre or publication type?

How do you research? Where do you find your opportunities?

Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal Day #13


 Today I was celebrating a friend’s birthday and another friend’s wedding – I didn’t get to post but I certainly focussed on things I am grateful for!


Gratitude Day#13

I am grateful for significant days that carry with them abundant opportunities to celebrate with friends!

fs fireworks

August – A Weekend Offline


laptopI haven’t been online this weekend apart from a few social media updates from my phone!
Friday Mr G and I went and completed DIY work on the apartment and I signed paperwork at the Estate Agents – before seeing a couple of our friends and their kids, for a few hours of sunshine and catching up.

We had vouchers for a new fast food outlet so we used them to collect a drive -in meal and had a relatively quiet night in catching up with each other.

Saturday I had errands to run in town and also needed to buy an outfit for the wedding party. (Nothing fits and as the wardrobe still isn’t fully built the bag of dresses is buried in the bedroom – I have hung as much ‘everyday’ clothing up as I have room for.) Fortunately the sales are on.

I ended up spending longer buying the outfit than I did at the Wedding! Which was a shame and I felt disappointed in myself. But as people have pointed out – sometimes I struggle with balance – I always blamed work – but have the summer off and am still struggling – seems it was me after all… again!

imagesCAJBX1JQ I found a dress and got home early afternoon. Mr G and I had visitors (friends) over the rest of the afternoon and evening – I was tired from a stack of late nights and I went for a POWER nap before going to the wedding! This was my mistake – like Goldilocks or perhaps Sleeping Beauty – I just stayed asleep and really struggled to get up!

It took over an hour and a half to sleepily get ready for the wedding and then more or less an hours drive – I felt terrible – most of the people I knew had come and gone or retired to their hotel rooms by the time I made it! Still I didn’t want to miss their big day even if I was running 2hrs behind schedule!

It was a fun and fabulous party! I stayed a couple of hours and left just after Midnight. Then I stayed up for a bit in the garden. We still had friends over – although one was sleeping and the other two were just leaving as I got home! I then discovered the pink pashmina had dyed my new cream dress! I immediately filled a bowl – hand washed it used stain remover – washed that out and then had to find laundry to put my dress through a wash! Fortunately I think it is okay – looks a little pinker but colour coverage is matched and even!

This morning I awoke late and it took about an hour or so to get ready and get to the Supermarket! Then we went to collect a garden table/ furniture in torrential rain!

After which we settled down (after laundry, chores and brunch) to watch a movie and chill out and relax. The film finished and I slept for an hour before Amy came home (my friend visiting from Australia) – it was her birthday this weekend. fs bday

I always get sad having to say goodbye, I watched her pack everything up and prepare for her long journey tomorrow. We all shared a wonderful Indian meal – her way of saying ‘thanks for having me’ to us! A lovely surprise. Just got to go to sleep soon as I plan to be awake when she leaves in the early hours for the airport!

This weekend was reserved for friends and events, I had hoped to be online more than I have managed – but it wasn’t to be!


I have managed to complete research and prepare some writing this weekend. 1982110_stock-photo-weekend-word-on-clock-time-for-fun-and-relaxation