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Gratitude Stunt Writing Journal Day #11



Gratitude #11
I am grateful we can’t afford a summer holiday because Mr G can book days and half days off work each week!

fs pancakes

D.I.Y D Day


imagesCAGCDUGI Today I AM going to finish the jobs at the apartment and GET IT ONTO THE MARKET!

It costs a fortune to have it stand empty and I really can’t afford to not take ACTION!

It is the 1st Day of August – and I LOVE the month of AUGUST – possibly because I am a LEO and it is soon to be my birthday! (Whoahooo!) and this is my month of ACTION so I can rest and relax and play with the peace of mind that I have done all I can to change and support my life/lifestyle for the final seasons of the year!

D.I.Y … or if I am honest ANYTHING MANUAL is not my strong point – my mind and spirit are strong but I have weak arms and very little common sense!

I need to fix a few things and when I dropped in the other day I was concerned some of the new paintwork looked a bit patchy. So I am about to go over and see it in natural light! Ironically Mr G has decided on a whim to take half a day’s holiday as the weather is once again gorgeous and sunny (after a week of rainy, storms and cloudy skies) and fs field I am not going to be in to enjoy the sunshine with him!

I should have gone to the flat yesterday but;

a) I was putting it off

b) I lacked the motivation to be DIY productive

c) I was still unpacking and sorting the KITCHEN (room 1 of 5 I need to sort – the rest are Mr G’s!)

d) It was rainy.

e) Needed to write 1000’s of words to finish NaNonano_09_camp_nano_detail_girl2

I regret that now – although it is possible I wouldn’t have put the hours in unpacking the house or managed my 20,000 word count!



to do TODAY I have no choice, TODAY I am picking my mum up (she offered to help – there is a sign!) and I am going the 8 Miles back to the old home and finishing the job!

Then I am coming back and possibly getting some time in the garden – I have a deadline tomorrow that I haven’t started to write for (fortunately it is 100 words, unfortunately we all know that can be harder than 1000’s!) I need to try and do that this evening before going out.

Our friend, Amy who is visiting from Australia is also a LEO – her birthday is the 3rd, I am at a wedding and she has already made fs bday alternative birthday plans for Saturday so tonight is her LAST big night out on the town with all of us and we are celebrating her birthday! I also have another function – which is a surprise so I won’t write any more – so I am hoping to maintain soft drink status, drive over to the surprise, stay a few hours, drive back and play catch up! I hate getting double bookings!




This is another reason why I NEED TO DO the flat today – as tomorrow I am bound to feel a dip in energy!

MR G and I plan another joint attack on the house tomorrow as he has booked another Friday off (I could get used to this!) It wouldn’t be possible if we had booked a holiday this summer!

© Copyright 2011 Leo Norrie

© Copyright 2011 Leo Norrie

May not get to post and update more in the blog today as you can appreciate my hands will be in the toolbox (like I have one!) I have a multi head floral handled screw driver!