Back on the Main Frame!


AWF oct

I am back after a lovely birthday weekend. I will wait for the SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge, tomorrow, to share my latest news. Monday is a popular and busy time online – I hope to catch up with some writing challenges I missed over the weekend. Although, my time online is limited! (Until later.)

Exciting artwork for ‘Inkspill’ has been completed. I have pinned a SAVE THE DATE post to the top of the blog. I am excited that the poll results showed INKSPILL was the most popular choice of name for the online writing retreat, it was my favourite! I can reveal that now.

You will hear more about this event over the next few weeks and I would also be grateful for  reblogging of marketing posts or sharing of artwork on your own blogs to spread the news of the retreat. I am looking forward to you taking the opportunity of a free writing weekend too.

I am currently in the comments dashboard and I hope I don’t miss any of your comments out. Thanks again for following and splashing about in the Fountain whilst I was offline growing old(er)…

AWF oct

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