Friday Fictioneers – A Wonderous Creature


friday-fictioneers Getting mine in EARLY!


“Apart from the trunk it looks like a plausible hybrid.” Shannon smiled. “It reminds me of that sofa we used to have with all the quilt patched rectangles, do you remember it?”

“Of course I do!” said Damon, with a glint in his eye. That sofa was in their apartment, before they bought a house. In the living room, along with his own artwork and sculpture, before children.

“He’s got your flair” Shannon said crinkling her nose at her husband.

“Well he can draw!” Damon spoke with pride as he stared at the latest artwork crayon drawing on the fridge.




Oh my! This is spot on 100 words, I usually try and get a story in 100 – which often involves a series and redrafts, this was free written and done- hope it holds some magic and fantastical essence for you!

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  1. Nice! I vaguely remember B.C….before children. Always good to have an artist in the family. We have two girls who could both draw better than we at an embarrassingly early age. 🙂


    • Aw that’s nice! I found some of our paintings in my Great Aunt’s desk and felt so touched she had kept them all these years. I would love to have some of my child art – I kept the portfolio when I developed talent as a teenager and still look at that work with awe. I wish I had the me as a child work though – still I am sure my Aunty still has it!
      I have nephew art on my fridge and photos of what’s on their fridge!

    • Thanks Hannah, although Damon is an Artist it was their child who had drawn this imaginative animal! This reminded me of the Victorians, the rich ones used to do this with their food!

  2. When did the fridge magnet start to make fridges the optimum place for a gallery of children’s art? Not in my childhood for sure, but it’s always fun to see nowadays in my friends homes. There was a little girl who had drawn a flower with a cloud of black dots around it. “What a lovely flower. Are those – er – flies?” A look of contempt: “That’s the SMELL.” Of course …

    • That’s brilliant – the best I saw was my youngest nephew – in amongst his lovely innocent art was a message (he was only 3 when he wrote it)
      This is my bike (drawing) I am allowed to ride it but no-one else can.
      Of course some of the spellings were guessed. I had to take a photo of it! Made me chuckle for ages!

      • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if, when asked “What is it?” by their parents, some clever child asked, as if it were a Rorschach drawing, “What do YOU see?”

      • Well, darling, I do hope you didn’t take the opportunity to screw with them by saying “I see… a forbidden dance, performed by circus midgets, one of whom is locked in the trunk of a 1973 Impala…” It’s not nice to mess with kids’ heads. I find they have a depressing lack of a sense of irony.

      • Nor do they understand sarcasm, no I didn’t intentionally mind twist them, I focused on the bits I could make out like the sky and the rainbow!

    • Thanks, my nephews had their artwork in playroom and in their downstairs toilet, it sounds weird – but you have time to really appreciate it all over the walls.

  3. Oh yes! This so reminds me of ‘The Little Prince’ – the child drew a picture of a snake who swallowed and elephant and everyone thought it was a hat – just because the child didn’t know it was a very improbable nearly impossible feat.

    Very nice. As per mine…not all stories can have happy endings all the time…
    Thanks for your visit!

  4. I’ve been an art teacher for more than 30 years. I’d be thrilled to get artwork this wonderful. All kids should be as appreciated as Shannon and Damon are of their little Magritte. Fun story.

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