Daily Archives: June 25, 2013

Too Exhausted to Write!


It’s a good job that the recommended course of action after you have finished writing is to put it in a drawer somewhere and leave it for a week or two.

My manuscript languishes in the folder from last weeks crit class. (As I have emptied and packed contents of my drawers!)

It’s our last class tomorrow but I can’t think that far ahead!

I am still negotiating removals. Nothing’s easy!

Still packing. Or more accurately throwing things into boxes!
I have already rescheduled the move, so at least I can be packed in time!

Yesterday’s schedule was mental.
Half hour drive
Packing up car (2 flights stairs)
Left @ 6pm with bag full of work for the evening!
Emptied car into new house with Mr G’s help!
Visited nephew… Happy 8th Birthday (24th),
Went food shopping
Got in at 9pm
Prepped food -much needed
Was still on laptop at 2a.m with paperwork.

Today woke on alarm at 7 & have spent 1st 2hrs on paperwork… Nearly done job 1 of 2… Need to get on and pack now…

Oh, to be an octopus … Or even a natural Multi-Tasker… More than 3 spinning plates is a challenge!

Happy writing … Do some for me 😉 !