In Pursuit of Dreams


After months of feeling better and having the ability to stay awake and get through things, I have suffered a setback today.
I generally feel better because I have faced some hard decisions, made my choices and regained power. However, this morning was a morning I really needed a starter engine! imagesCA6R9C43

I am beginning to struggle with tiredness – extreme fatigue – you know when you fall asleep mid sentence on the laptop… it has happened to me 3 times this morning already. I didn’t manage the early start I had planned and when I finally woke at 7.30 just had to allow sleep as I could barely move.
 My alarm (reset for 9) was going off for some time before I could muster the energy to swing an arm out of bed and turn it off.

I have had a series of late nights, going to bed in the small hours just before the birds start singing, it is catching up on me.
I didn’t get home last night until 10:30 PM, high on adrenalin from my writing class. I’d not eaten since 11:30 AM so I cooked a quick dinner & sat down to eat. Then I had to let my tummy go down, had planned to write but knew my brain needed to unwind, read a bit & eventually went to bed, got laptop out to update admin for this month on the writing schedule, this was the 1st time I used the laptop as a pillow!

My main focus yesterday was homework assignments for the writing class, which I needed to print and annotate – the children’s book is now on draft 5!img-thing
And I had to catch up with the online writing course. I am falling behind as summer/ life/ the house/ work picks up a gear. I found out about 2 new deadlines 7th June – so today is mainly all about Rhetorical composition, going to the bank so I can pay the Electrician, meeting the plasterer and chilling out in our lovely, still working on it garden! As well as fitting in the chores and work! (There should be packing boxes on that list too! I need a weekend for that!)

And as I came to post this… the WP Reader had a post @ the top – work hard for what you want
it is a positive reminder to me that some of the tiredness is from the work I am committed to doing for my own good.
I have also gone through the high stress of buying a house, getting (and paying!!) for workmen on a part time salary and making huge decisions about work which have a financial impact in (what I hope is only) the short-term. Plus I am still healing. Pile all that up together and it is no small wonder. 13183637128M5O9A

Off to read that post now – I liked the ‘motivational penguin’ that was posted along with the words.

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  1. Get through your immediate deadlines, then give yourself a little break. Your body is trying to tell you something. I know at times we feel like we need to go, go, go, but eventually you have to be good to yourself. Here’s hoping your weekend weather is pleasant so you can relax and putter in your garden. Mine needs some looking into as well.

    • Thanks, I have met most of the immediate deadlines and have streamlined what I need to do. Just can’t wait until I have moved house so I can just have everything in one place!
      I think it is the impact of going back to work after a week off and all the things I have had to do this week.

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