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Picture It & Write – The Dark Streets


My final weekend challenge write – pop over and find out what it’s all about by clicking on the button below.


Actress - Nataliorion

Actress – Nataliorion

As she walked towards the fog she knew that her world was about to change,

Transform, adjust.

Her character hoped every night that this would be the beginning,

The actress knew it was the end,

as she stepped carefully across the circular stone set

towards the dry ice

Lit by lime green gobos.

 She waited,

The sound technician hit his cue

The actress fell to the ground.

Every night the same.

She didn’t mind though,

The costume reminded her of the ghost lady

she used to see as a child.

Half hidden under her parasol.

Walking on silent feet towards the light.

Always towards the light.

How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?


How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?

imagesCA9WLM16   june 2

This is a serious question that I would appreciate your thoughts and responses to.

After the long, cold winter – which has lasted well into May! We have finally had some beautiful Summer Sunshine!
Mr G and I have been out in it most of the weekend – working in the allotment on Saturday and then the garden at the new house today.

I took the laptop to do my work on but forgot we won’ have internet access until we move in!
Now I am busy completing paperwork for this week – 4 hours and counting – still got about an hour or so to do.

Things I needed to accomplish that have gone by the wayside because I have been outside minus tech in the freedom of green spaces;

  1. start on the next writing submission *(due next week)
  2. research rhetorical communication assignment
  3. start writing assignment
  4. admin – emails
  5. prepare Nano
  6. Blog posts

and what I managed to achieve;

  1. evaluation forms x 3 theatre workshops
  2. some blog posts
  3. signing up for Nano Summer camp
  4. thinking of writing ideas without writing them down!

So I CLEARLY need your help!

I guess the most obvious option is to wake early and get the writing in before the rest of the day starts – then again come dusk and dark attach myself to the laptop.
In the end I will work in the summerhouse as planned – but I stupidly forgot to ask the electrician about that – as the job was nearly as much as I spent buying my car six years ago (2nd hand) … I am praying to the universe that he will take pity on us, come back and hook it up for free.

Please leave me your Tips…. this is my 1st summer freelancing for over decade and I can tell it is going to be a tough one!
The Summer schedule is more packed than any of the Spring Sheets and it is exceptionally busy at work too. Double the workload this weekend!

3 Week Countdown to CAMP NaNoWriMo # July



The cabins are open by the way! All Spring cleaned since May.

I joined up for one this weekend, despite promising myself I wouldn’t, my last Cabin experience (which was also my first) was terrible. Only myself and 1 other writer were vaguely accurate. I found out that people can add into cabins at a later stage and was very tempted to do that this time.

However, when I saw the message about clean cabins, I couldn’t resist. I will not feel guilty if it is it not active I will leave the cabin and find another and if you want the FULL camp experience I suggest you put on a thick skin and do the same.

camp_nanowrimo_2013_calendar_by_somesortofwonderful-d5z9ze1 Book your Place

If you are planning to come to Summer Camp – in July check out the website now and sign up for your cabin! www.campnanowrimo.org Cabins are now bigger and you can have up to 8 people on them!

Don’t forget to fill in the details of your proposed book – I have fixed genre and word count to my profile. And then plan.

And don’t forget to check your camp mail!


I am starting to plan my writing this week, my original idea was to write a novella, I currently have 2 short story projects that I am trying to complete so I may cheat and do those first and use that towards the word count – (rebels and flexible word counts are now allowed!)

I do intend to write an entire novella by the end of July, I have the last week off work and will be able to put lots of writing time in by then. I hope to have moved house in June.

So if I can plan all that …. come on, you can plan some writing activity too! Challenge yourself and ENJOY it!

Get active

The Forums are open already and fairly active – if you are in the States there are lots of things you can take advantage of. If you’re not have a look about, you may find a regional group (like I did back in April) they are having there 1st meeting this Saturday and I am intending on being there! Although I SHOULD start packing!camp tent

Prepare a checklist for packing

  • A place to write
  • A book of notes
  • Scheduled time to write
  • Planning the writing

I am very lucky and have a friend from A Writers Fountain website of old, who creates graphic art pieces and I have her latest scrapbooking ‘camping’ kit to show off in this blog next month on my Summer Camp posts!



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Mammoth Read ~ Week 2


For the 2nd week I have managed to read all 86 FF stories. It is frustrating that I don’t seem to be able to get BlogSpot to accept my URL! I have read these stories too – just can’t respond!
This time I started on Thursday and have made my way in bitesize chunks 1 wonderful Flash at a time!