Daily Archives: June 30, 2013

The Neverending Story!


Of packing and the move! I have very little else to write about!
I threw the end of my June schedule out of the window. I have only missed 1 submission by doing this. It is one I really wanted to attempt because it was for my mum.
There’s always the remaining 6months to find a similar opportunity.
I have realised the play packing I started 12 months ago hasn’t really got me anywhere. Mum came to help and in 2 hours we had done 12 boxes!
I have managed 4 since she left… 6Hours ago! I had a 2hour power-nap and lunch in that time!
I’d not eaten and was very tired. I had a rare day out yesterday! I came home to meet removals guy and then went to a friends house for a BBQ. She moved a few weeks ago (ironically to the town I am about to leave :-/) It was a great housewarming and lovely to see everyone again!
I am still offline.
Still can’t access the online coursera course to find out what has happened there.
And in my mind, preparing my mind for nano. I need to get bedroom packed now. It’s half way there!