NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo – It’s that time of year again!


2014-Participant-Twitter-Header-2 Last year I took part in the Spring and Summer camps for NaNoWriMo –footer-camp National Novel Writing Month – the main event takes place in November. I successfully completed all 3 challenges and have over 100,000 of writing I have done nothing with since.2013-Winner-Square-Button
 Whereas  napo2013button2 imagesCA1461L5I wrote a poem a day, some from prompts some from my muse. I am DEFINITELY signing up for NaPoWriMo but have decided that for NaNoWriMo it will only be to write a couple of short stories so my monthly target will be 4000 words as opposed to 50,000! I think the minimum is 10,000 but have read that this year they have extended genres and they mention Haikus… I wrote 21 Haikus last Wednesday and even that many poems don’t have many words.

People can sign up already for the NaNoWriMo Spring Camp which starts on the 1st April.
I have collected shiny new badges to display here 2014-Participant-Facebook-Cover  2014-Participant-Square-Button   2014-Participant-Vertical-Banner2014-Participant-Facebook-ProfileThere are also tips to help you plan. I have been both a planner/prepper and a pantster (someone who approaches the target word count without a plan, thought or direction!)

inkspill leave before edit Cabin sign ups start on March 25th.

How many of you are going to challenge yourself to camp this April?


I have submitted the site to appear on the participants list on NaPoWriMo and am fully ready to take part with a daily poetry challenge. As with last year (due to copyright issues) I won’t post an entire poem here throughout April, I post extracts and blog about the prompts and experience.


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    • Yes Al the sign ups are live and over the next week/ last week of March people get assigned to cabins and complete profiles etc – for me I get mentally prepared for Big Writing – make a list of every submission I am working on and see how I can fit that work in.

      I wasn’t going to do NaNoWriMo this year as I am active as a writer and a performer now, but I do want to write some short stories for submission and struggle to set aside this time – so hopefully joining NaNo will help get some work done.

      • Thanks – I think the NaNo will be more like 4000 words, 3 stories or so, but the lowest limit is 10000 words, which is a bit strange as they encourage poetry – even Haikus.

        I am working on a poetry pamphlet, so the NaPo will work well for me and I am fully prepared to write a poem a day.

  1. You inspire me! Good luck; I’m sure you’ll pass camp with flying colours as they say. I wish I could commit myself to either one, but daily just doesn’t happen with me, lol.
    Sorry I haven’t dropped by more often — I’ve been pretty much house-bound these days, trying to keep up with my stuff.
    Take good care — I hope I can commit to reading my way through your April!

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