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End of the Month Review – February



It has been another great month, busy, busy, busy!
Some events were managed and some were missed, the same goes for written submissions. I had fun though and that’s the main thing. waffle

We have 638 followers – that’s 33 more followers, thanks to all of you who have joined this month.
I have left contact cards on my library display and look forward to seeing if we have any extra traffic on the back of those.


I have continued Jo Bell’s 52 – write a poem a week and just keep going – I missed posting on time this past week, but have since written the poem ready, there are a few people who post late, I will try not to do it again.

Jo Bell’s 52 – which you can join up for and/or dip into throughout the year. Many people I know have now taken up the challenge based on the great things they have heard.

Fancy writing weekly poems this year? Get involved HERE

Wenlock Poetry for Shop Displays

  • Published

I had a poem published online.

I have produced lots of new poems this month, the folder is filling up well.
Performing Poetry

I missed a lot of events this month for a variety of reasons, I managed about 2 a week though, so that’s still good going.

Word Up Birmingham

Sunday Xpress Birmingham

Diverse dancers Exhibition – Performing Dance Poetry on the Opening Night

Hit the Ode (the BIG ONE!) Birmingham

Poetry for Lunch – The Library of Birmingham

Mouth and Music – Kidderminster

Laura Yates was the headliner and I met and saw Lorna Meehan perform for the first time. Both these women are in Decadent Divas and I can’t wait for next month in Malvern, where they are all performing together.

Confab Cabaret Malvern

KAF Creatives Relaunch – Kidderminster – Gallery Exhibition – 6 performers AND beer tokens – my first gig where there was token payment.

Poets With Passion – Birmingham

I missed several events – Poetry Alight in Lichfield, where my friend Michelle Crosbie had her Debut performance as a headliner, alongside Jo Bell and Matt Merritt, due to distance and work.

I missed Drummonds 42 last Wednesday as that was the first night with our American relatives.

I missed Stanza as I was performing at Diverse Dancing that evening.

I missed Poetry Jam, due to tiredness.

I missed Buzzwords in Cheltenham due to weather, floods and closed roads.

I missed SpeakEasy in Worcester due to Mr G’s birthday.

I also attempted to learn poetry off by heart for my set at Hit the Ode – I discovered I am a Page Poet rather than a Stage Poet at the moment.

Library Display of ‘The Fourth Wall’ for Local Arts Network

I also saw Cat Weatherill perform at a storytelling event, Hungry Hearts. It was a great night out.
•A Writing Life

My Writing West Midlands job started. I had my first day at being an Assistant Writer at The Hive in Worcester. It was great fun and something I am looking forward to building on.hive3





I also celebrated Valentine’s Day, Mr G’s birthday, my younger brother’s birthday and Mr G’s goddaughter’s birthday and I SOLD my apartment! I also got back into reading and managed about 3 books this month. Including – Jasmine Somers Makes Amends, by local writer Amy Rainbow. Look out for the review – COMING SOON.