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Accepted Twice in One Week!


These things take time… I know this. I have given myself 16 years and I am only 15 months in, really just 6 months into the poetry journey. I know people and have read about others who have found success much quicker and those who have already spent decades searching…

You reap what you sow… and I am beginning to – do something enough times and at some point you are bound to be successful!

At the end of February I was battling against deadlines that I had left too late. One of my missions was to write a poem for Wenlock’s Poetry Trail. I got my email into Paul Francis minutes before the deadline. Once again writing to a specific criteria was a challenge – my main barriers were geographical/ retail knowledge of the area and the 20 line restriction. My poetry tends to be short, but most poems are over 20 lines.
Each of the selected poems are displayed in the shop windows.

I hadn’t forgotten about this submission, I had no idea how long it would take for the results and have had such a busy week with work and gigs that I haven’t had much time to log in and sift through emails.

Tonight after blogging about all the recent activity I thought that I should check for acceptances and rejections in the inbox and to my delight I found the good news. Two emails actually. One (6th March) accepting my work into the poetry trail and another sent today confirming an extra request.
The proprietor of the shop in which the poem is displayed –Crofts – the Ecclesiastical Outfitters, liked my work so much he has requested permission to publish it on his website and Twittersphere.

wenlock Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April 2014 wenlock1

SpeakEasy – A Set Well Received and a New Poetry Dress


Last night I had a 2nd chance to see The Very Grimm Brothers as they performed at SpeakEasy along with Bobbie Parker.
The sets and open mics were of a high standard and I enjoyed hearing poetry that I hadn’t heard before and catching up with poetry friends.

SE  My set was received well and I wore the first of 2 new poetry dresses I bought in the Sales at the end of last week when I made the mistake of popping into town for one thing!
It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, arriving home on a high, safe in the knowledge that I was blocked off from work and could have a lie in, I attempted to stay up, but fell asleep!

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk, The Very Grimm Brothers

Andy Kirk took some great shots of the night, they give you a bit of flavour.

© 2014 Andy Kirk,

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Nina Lewis

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Amanda Bonnick

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Neil Laurenson

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Neil Laurenson

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Bobby Parker

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Kathy Wordstring

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Mike Alma

I have not included all the acts in these pictures, apologies to those who have not been included.

Unfortunately I can’t make next month’s SpeakEasy as Writing West Midlands are holding a meeting of all the writers in the city and I am already involved in that. There have been so many clashes in the writing diary this year. This event clashed with another event in Digbeth, which proved to be a great night and ‘Unplugged’ at The Ort, also a great success.

SpeakEasy acts are booked well in advance and although tempted by the other gigs there was no way I could do more than one and was looking forward to it (as Mr G banned poetry events on his birthday last month, bless him! He puts up with me not being around much as I am always performing/ writing etc. He is very supportive of these steps I have taken in my dreamtime and knows that I will succeed.)


As it was I had a heck of a work week, culminating in a school inspection, leaving late – arriving for lessons late – rushing to get ready and still being a tad late for the event!

It wasn’t the easiest journey over to the city and I was panicking most of the way, especially when I got held up in road works. I panicked because I knew I was going to be late! My heart was racing by the time I got there and had to pretend to really calm once behind the mic…. managed to pull it off! Those years training as an actress have helped!

Mouth & Music: Current Affairs


Tuesday 11th March was Mouth & Music, an event I like to attend monthly since I finally got there. It is the most local to where I live and also a great atmosphere, venue, hosted by Heather Wastie and Sarah Tamar.
Brenda Read-Brown was the guest poet (having caught her set in Birmingham and Worcester) I was looking forward to seeing her again.
She did not disappoint!

© 2014 BBC

© 2014 BBC

There were so many open mics – all of them top standard and enjoyable.native monster com open mic
The final headline act was the Very Grimm Brothers – sold as a Gilbert and George of the poetry world. I like Gilbert & George, so I was looking forward to it. Always good to meet new artists and come across acts that I enjoy. They were superb. the very grimm bros

My set went well, I read my poem written last summer about the serious/light mix of news and a new poem I wrote especially for the event about the missing Malaysian air flight that has disappeared.
Next month is Dualogue and we need to find another performer to work with. I have yet to send my hopeful email. More about this next challenge later!

Off to the Sahara!


On Sunday the 9th March, I was lucky enough to be part of Poets With Passion, an event which has happened three times since November and I have been able to get to everyone. This one was more challenging than the others to get to as Saturday night was a masked ball themed party for my cousins 30th and although I only arrived home as tipsy, I carried on drinking and …. well after a night in heels I woke up with huge pain in my back *not to mention my head, I slept until the early afternoon and woke up with an hour to get out of the house and over to the city.

There was a change of venue this month to a Moroccan Restaurant ‘Sahara’, which was a great venue and also a warm atmosphere to perform in.
It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and evening, nice to have a chat with everyone afterwards.
I took some photos but on the camera so they hasn’t been uploaded yet. I have borrowed Najma Hush’s photos for this post, credits to PhotoGiraffe.

© 2014 Photogiraffe

© 2014 Photogiraffe

Sahara 2 Photogiraffe

© 2014 Photogiraffe

Poets With Passion is a lovely relaxed event, which attracts a core of regular supporters and new faces every time, hosted by Tessa Lowe. We gather and share our own poetry on a theme and can read the poetry of others too.

I look forward to the next one.

Friday 7th March, 1st Submission and PUBLISHED


At the beginning of the month I had an opportunity to join a list of other fantastic poets submitting work for an Anthology of Poetry to support the Born Free Foundation/Charity. I found this specific writing task challenging, mainly because I did a lot of research into the fur trade (the focus of our work) and found it beyond upsetting. I also found it really hard to write decent poetry on the subject.
In the end I opted for a wide view of the whole human impact in the animal world, especially considering we are ALL members of the Animal Kingdom, the second was the release of several animals rescued from captivity. They had never seen the outside world before and it took over 20 minutes to coax them from the cages.

The anthology is the brain child of Elaine Christie and the other nice thing is that it features lots of my poetry friends. She has compiled a wide selection of excellent poetry and the book will also include some stunning artwork. My poetry was accepted. I look forward to holding this publication in my hand and supporting the promotion of the project later this year!

It took the whole writing day to complete the final edits, but it was worth it and besides the two poems I submitted it has provided me with a small bank of poems on this important subject.
AND I GOT PUBLISHED! 🙂 born free


Busy, Busy!


I am so busy at the minute, have lots to blog about! I miss posting the threads directly after performances, when adrenaline runs energy through my words, but will do my best to catch myself up.

Today I had my first writing day since mid February, however, just like the last one it has been spent contacting management firms, estate agents and solicitors, the house sale is now two weeks in and counting!