Daily Archives: March 25, 2014

Mulling Over Submissions


My writing diary is full, plannerI have started to use post it notes to list the MUST DO for each day… and just when you think you may see over the in tray, more opportunities are discovered!

I occasionally decide against submissions that I thought I would make (usually short stories that I haven’t had time to fully complete) – which is why I signed up for Camp Nanowrimo, to try to get a bank of short stories written.

I am currently editing a few poems written especially for 42 banner, writing a Bio for the Born Free Anthology, writing poems for some competitions and catching up with poems for 52.

Tomorrow there is a National Teacher Strike and the school I usually work in, us closed. Although I won’t get paid – I can put the day to good use and catch up with writing tasks. I also need to collect my library display – I think it came down a week or 2 ago. Before performing in the evening.

I have spent time this week looking at Oxford Literary Festival events, although I struggled to find my last Oxford event. There is a varied programme. But I think I will treat myself to some of Cheltenham’s Poetry Festival instead.

Worcester is also heating up – the poet laureate competition nears its deadline – I haven’t applied this year. There are already opportunities arising in WLF Literature Festival. Also Ledbury Poetry Festival, which I have wanted to go to since 1992…. has also arranged for 3 events to take place at The Hive in Worcester. I am looking forward to these.


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