Pinch, Punch First of the Month – EXCITING NEWS, Motivation & Submissions



Having updated my Writing Life Pages* this morning, I realised not everyone checks there monthly and usually that’s not an issue, as they are retrospective pieces about the month that has just disappeared, however (maybe it is because the New Year is close) I have written about things to come in the future. I wouldn’t want any of the 783 followers to miss out on these new ventures so I decided to post more details.

*Actually it’s called The Write Year – maybe if I changed it to ‘My Writing Life’ it would peak your interest. 



I am very proud to announce that throughout 2015 I will be promoting the work of Daniel Sluman leading up to the publication date of his new collection. I am very excited about this opportunity and hope you’re interested in finding out more about this young talented, ‘Nine Arches Press’ Poet.

Daniel and I are already collaborating on posts which will hit the blog after Christmas and before the New Year. So WATCH OUT for any post with DANIEL SLUMAN in the title and be very excited too!

 ds nine arches

Daniel Sluman’s poems have appeared widely in journals such as Cadaverine, Popshot, Shit Creek Review, and Under the Radar. He received an MA in Creative & Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire in 2012 and his debut full-length collection, Absence has a weight of its own, was published in 2012. His second collection, ‘the terrible’, will be published Autumn/Winter 2015, also with Nine Arches Press.

Sonia Hendy-Isaac © 2014

Sonia Hendy-Isaac
© 2014



hello dec

I am always motivated on the first day of a new month and today is no exception! It also helps that the rest of the week I am committed to my day job and will only have a few spare hours and evenings in my writing skin, so I have a whole list of TO DOs to get done today.

I started well, up early (too early) I managed to submit 3 poems before breakfast, I have often written about how long submissions take even when you already have the writing ready. This was no exception. One cup of coffee and several reads of the guidelines before starting the online form. They join another 6 poems already flying around begging to be accepted!

After breakfast I updated the blog, checked emails and did some background research for current writing ventures. Which is why it is now suddenly nearly 11a.m and I am only 3 items down my TO DO list. I have learned not to PANIC as this only leads to getting less done.

Taking a break to go and visit my Grandma, it is her birthday tomorrow (I’m working) and then I will be back to tick more things off my manic, Monday list!


© 2013

© 2013

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