Daily Archives: December 2, 2014

Coming Soon… 2014 TOP 10


I actually found some rare spare time to wander around blogland today and I happened upon the Daily Post prompt, which was all about creating lists. Who doesn’t love a list, I have filled a recycle bin with my To Do lists this year.

After careful consideration and knowing there are nearly 2000 posts on AWF, I thought you might like to see what the Top 10 posts of 2014 look like. I spent an hour drafting the post and compiling my Top 10 complete with ACTIVE LINKS, then I saved the draft… which is now trapped on my laptop and I cannot access that part of the blog on my phone.

I am leaving a badly formatted teaser instead. 52 gets a mention, as do some book launches, seminars, reviews of live events and some faithful ‘top traffic’ posts from INKSPILL 2013…. But in what order? Tune in tomorrow to find out and get your chance to explore these hidden gems for yourselves.