Moustaches in May


I have not managed to catch up with events to post my Mouth and Music review or the other gig from last week, Heather Wastie hosts and organises the event, so this is from the horses mouth as it were! 😉

Mouth and Music

Our featured performers in May all fought adversity to deliver what they had promised. See below! And I am fighting WordPress to get this post to look half decent! Thanks to Cozza for the photos.

Four Tart Harmony were suddenly faced with the dilemma of being a Tart short, but did they cry off? No! At very short notice they rearranged 5 songs for 3 voices and still sounded fab.

10336841_793125580720002_476515815398936606_n Four Tart Harmony minus one

10297883_635095839911278_638713180806808067_n MC Heather Wastie posing with Jonny Fluffypunk in the Boars Head Gallery. Art by Deeds!

Jonny Fluffypunk meanwhile, already travelling a fair distance to be with us, drove from Stroud via Shrewsbury to deliver a baby! Oh yes, and he had to go back via Shrewsbury to pick up said baby! (I know what you were thinking …) He was magnificent and rocked the Boars with laughter. Thank you to all our featured artists from…

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