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Jo Bell’s Always There Awards #1


An interesting new mission, Jo Bell. I am lucky enough to have met and heard Simon at meetings and knew about Bloodaxe back in the 90’s, the first time I started this poetry malarky, before the decade + gap.
Looking forward to seeing who else makes the list!

Thanks Jo!

The Bell Jar

When I said, the other day, that I was going to give an imaginary gong to the people who I think are absolutely indispensable in British poetry, who get on with making poetry happen for us all, I had a huge list in my mind of poetry heroes. There were only eight who I really came back to again and again – whose impact has been not only deep but long-standing, and who seem to me to be really shaping the UK poetry scene.

I asked on Facebook – who would YOU nominate? Gratifyingly, all eight of my Chosen Few came up again and again. But so did dozens of others, all of them poetry heroes, all of them working hard to make events, publications and careers happen across the UK. Every one of them, I know, is vital and largely unthanked – so in my last post on this subject I…

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