Daily Archives: May 18, 2014

This Week at a Glance


After last week (10 gigs in 11 days), the plan was to take it easy. I managed this on the performance front by committing to just 2 events, however mixed with work and lifes long list of To Do I still reach Sunday feeling like I have tangoed with a wrecking ball!

This week I had to enter the very grown up world of solicitors and sign contracts for the flat sale. Hoping to complete / exchange this Friday! It has been a long time coming exciting on the whole, looking forward to having just the one mortgage, more time to invest in writing etc. 

This week also saw another collaboration between Tim Scarborough (my percussionist / poet) friend and I. This was our 3rd set. Mouth & Music (an open mic event I attend regularly) had set BODY HAIR as a theme and in conversation we both found out this was not a challenge we felt we could produce material for. Heather Wastie suggested we try another dualogue and that’s how I found myself in rehearsals early morning!

Before I knew it over 3 hours had passed. We were co-writing /editing, developing some material from ideas, organising a set – we read through a few times and an hour later had material we were excited to share.

I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Friday was mad – 1 day, 14 different classes & lessons, great keep fit. 

On Friday night (a long time coming) Tim & I (we need a name – any ideas??)  performed a set (a medley of material from other gigs) at The Ort Spoken Word. Our set went down well. I will post about the gigs later.  

Yesterday I was asked to cover an assistant writer role with Jean Atkin. I accepted excitedly and spent a great afternoon in the library with some talented young writers.

Add a barbeque, nephews visiting, my wing mirror getting smashed and some hoohar about stamp duty payments, that’s my week.