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Andrew Owens’s Book Launch In Sketches by Sue Thompson


andrew Owens

I usually post every event separately, when I saw Andrew Owens on Wednesday night at 42, I apologised as his launch news was featured last week in a catch up post. You can read it here

Andrew had a fair crowd at his launch, including family and other local performers who came to celebrate without taking to the stage. I think it is a generous idea to ask others to perform. I had no idea I was going to open the event, it was a privilege to do so.

Sue Thompson, came to enjoy the event and was busy sketching every performer along the way.

All these pictures are © 2014 Sue Thompson

Here’s a taste – myself and the whole cast! Check the link at the end to see the rest of her artwork on the 42 Blog!

Andrew O Book Launch Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson Sketches Andrew Owens Book Launch Sue T


Drummonds 42 – Elves, Pixies, Witches and Warlocks


I wrote a piece especially for 42 this month, it was a bit of a rush because I spent the morning dealing with car insurance and the afternoon washing my car (caked in mud from River Cottage) before its MOT. 42

I tried to stick to the theme, wrote a very short fairy poem and then after researching got side-tracked by folklore. I became engrossed in discovering new knowledge of stories, traditions and superstition.

42 may

I started by trying to write a poem, it turned into prose and ended up a narrative poem. I was unsure about performing it as it is the first draft, but feedback was positive and it was an enjoyable experience.

I had a great night – quite a few poets turned their hands to prose and there were people who haven’t been for a while – it was good to see a mixed crowd and a bigger audience.

Then at the end of the night I was told that Sue Thompson (who was at Andrew Owens’s book launch) had posted her final artwork online, I couldn’t wait to check it out, I was sitting at her table so was lucky enough to see some preliminary sketches. They are great – look out for them on a new post.

The next 42 is a Worcester LitFest special and I am happy to have one of the eight floor spots. WLF&F logo concepts

Booming Stats!


Whoahoo! Stats are booming!

Your blog, awritersfountain, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

42 hourly views

2 hourly views on average


I discovered the reason is one of my articles on HOW TO WRITE…. has been linked on a High School website – here’s hoping we can make short story writers of you all!  inkspill with stars