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FWF Free Write Friday – Image



He couldn’t stop staring at the page in his book, this was his great-great grandfather’s dream. The sepia image of the man, a stranger in the landscape, ‘the birdman’ the locals had called him, according to his grandfather.

Dear Child,

Although you may never get to meet me I want you to know that you have been born into a family of high ambition. In this book I have left you my little Prince or Princess, on page 73 you will find a picture of your great-great-great grandfather. Think of him what you will, you will see he was a man of dreams. He held his most precious love there in that cage, to protect it forever, his feathered friend. If I could keep you safe you know I would. I only wish that I could be here for you, always, guess I am a dreamer too.

Know that you were much loved by all who knew you before you became you. Just like this photo, I carry my sepia image of you there in your mother’s womb, close to my heart in my jacket pocket all day. There you will stay in my heart forever and I hope I in yours.

This world will be a flight of freedom for you, take every opportunity, no matter how insane it looks and know this sweet one, you are loved.

Lots of Love

Daddy x

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