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The Birthday Celebrations Begin!


The heaven’s opened this morning and treated us to a monsoon, which I appreciate as it means the allotment crops have been well and truly watered and I may not have to go and tend to them over my birthday weekend. My other waking thought was that Mr G would get soaked on his way to work – so an un-presidented event occurred and I got up and out of bed before 7:30 a.m

By 9 a.m I was back home having done the supermarket / birthday treat food shop and narrowly avoided a flood – thank goodness I am living in my hometown again after 18 years away, I know it well. The main by-pass was flooded and I had to go through the end of the waters at the height of my car headlights… I made it as it was about 8 metres until the road was clear but the traffic behind me was at stand still and a mini opposite had attempted it and got stuck. Scary stuff.

We FINALLY built the bed last night it was too tempting so after unpacking the shopping and a breakfast of birthday treat cereal (my inner 7 year old made me buy it! Chocolate pillows filled with hazelnut and chocolate mmmmm mmmmmm, a bowl of diabetes right there!) I went back to bed with my book. Of course it wasn’t long before I had to put it down and catch 40 winks. But now I am up again and plan to use the next 3 hours before Mr G is due home from work wisely!


I have been very tired recently and have been attempting to conserve energy for this birthday weekend.

Tonight I am meeting friends at my dad’s Jazz gig – that was another concern this morning in the rain… it is in a marquee outside the pub/hotel. Mr G assured me the weather was meant to pick up and be sunny for the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon I am spending dividing my time between blogland, my inbox, chores and more unpacking. I am about to make lunch – my favourite cuisine is Chinese food so I have bought myself a sweet and sour chicken take-away from the supermarket!

The rain has stopped and the skies have brightened up, there’s hope yet for later on!DSC02400

August – A Weekend Offline


laptopI haven’t been online this weekend apart from a few social media updates from my phone!
Friday Mr G and I went and completed DIY work on the apartment and I signed paperwork at the Estate Agents – before seeing a couple of our friends and their kids, for a few hours of sunshine and catching up.

We had vouchers for a new fast food outlet so we used them to collect a drive -in meal and had a relatively quiet night in catching up with each other.

Saturday I had errands to run in town and also needed to buy an outfit for the wedding party. (Nothing fits and as the wardrobe still isn’t fully built the bag of dresses is buried in the bedroom – I have hung as much ‘everyday’ clothing up as I have room for.) Fortunately the sales are on.

I ended up spending longer buying the outfit than I did at the Wedding! Which was a shame and I felt disappointed in myself. But as people have pointed out – sometimes I struggle with balance – I always blamed work – but have the summer off and am still struggling – seems it was me after all… again!

imagesCAJBX1JQ I found a dress and got home early afternoon. Mr G and I had visitors (friends) over the rest of the afternoon and evening – I was tired from a stack of late nights and I went for a POWER nap before going to the wedding! This was my mistake – like Goldilocks or perhaps Sleeping Beauty – I just stayed asleep and really struggled to get up!

It took over an hour and a half to sleepily get ready for the wedding and then more or less an hours drive – I felt terrible – most of the people I knew had come and gone or retired to their hotel rooms by the time I made it! Still I didn’t want to miss their big day even if I was running 2hrs behind schedule!

It was a fun and fabulous party! I stayed a couple of hours and left just after Midnight. Then I stayed up for a bit in the garden. We still had friends over – although one was sleeping and the other two were just leaving as I got home! I then discovered the pink pashmina had dyed my new cream dress! I immediately filled a bowl – hand washed it used stain remover – washed that out and then had to find laundry to put my dress through a wash! Fortunately I think it is okay – looks a little pinker but colour coverage is matched and even!

This morning I awoke late and it took about an hour or so to get ready and get to the Supermarket! Then we went to collect a garden table/ furniture in torrential rain!

After which we settled down (after laundry, chores and brunch) to watch a movie and chill out and relax. The film finished and I slept for an hour before Amy came home (my friend visiting from Australia) – it was her birthday this weekend. fs bday

I always get sad having to say goodbye, I watched her pack everything up and prepare for her long journey tomorrow. We all shared a wonderful Indian meal – her way of saying ‘thanks for having me’ to us! A lovely surprise. Just got to go to sleep soon as I plan to be awake when she leaves in the early hours for the airport!

This weekend was reserved for friends and events, I had hoped to be online more than I have managed – but it wasn’t to be!


I have managed to complete research and prepare some writing this weekend. 1982110_stock-photo-weekend-word-on-clock-time-for-fun-and-relaxation


The Lost Week


As you know I am moving house this week and most spare hours in between work will be spent packing! cardboard-box I am hoping to be ready in time.
This means that I won’t be online as much as normal. AND Mr G has given me even more bad news. We have arranged for the television company to come and swap everything over to the new place, they have told us the Broadband may take up to 2 weeks. I hope it will be sooner and that is something that they have to say to cover themselves. There is always public access PC’s at the library and my trusty phone.
pencil paper freestock I will miss out on the writing challenges this week and next weekend. The upside is I will have time to prep and start my NaNo writes.

Wednesday sees the last week of my writing class, which is always a little sad. The group was fab and hopefully we will keep in touch!

I am also preparing for NaNoWriMo and 2 submissions for the end of the month. 2013-Participant-Facebook-Cover

3115326-a-variety-of-donuts-in-a-takeaway-box It is also my eldest nephew’s birthday and my mum’s birthday this week! So the majority of my writing will take place next weekend.

Other than that I am going to get valuations on my flat and hopefully get it on the market.

Writing Workshop – III – The End of the Trilogy


Writing Workshop 3/3

imagesCADQ6RA1 It was quite sad at the end of our final workshop, such a good group of people. Some very talented writers and lots of shared passion. My hope is in the future we can collaborate on some projects together and keep in touch with opportunities and writing lives.

It was another fab workshop from Alan Harris at the Courtyard Theatre. I have pages and pages of ideas and advice in my writing journal now and can’t wait to make a start penning!

I won’t miss the early Saturday mornings or the long drive (I think I have damaged my accelerating leg – very hilly area of the world!) but I shall miss the creativity, the learning, the sense of purpose and the amazing group of writers I met.

I didn’t get a chance to write a short play for Scratch Night, but I plan to reunite with everyone by watching the performance on the 4th July. I also plan to get writing ready for next year. There are plenty of opportunities I have found out about this year that I didn’t get a chance to do- I have listed them in the writing journal on pages marked 2014… this is truly my year for discovery.

You can’t beat a good practitioners workshop, we all learnt so much today!quality-mark

Again I arrived home full of hope and adrenalin, fuelled by my passion for writing passion. I was asleep within 3 hours of getting in – which is a shame as I watched a Murder Mystery and will now never know the resolution or the murderer!

I said it last week – I will say it again- I would really encourage workshops, whatever stage of your career you’re at!

Writing Workshop 1


Writing Workshop 1/3
imagesCADQ6RA1 I had an amazing day yesterday at the workshop and met some great people and talented writers. My brain still hurts from the overload of exercises and activities we did.

If you get a chance to book workshops with Practitioners rather than facilitators then do.

What’s the difference?

Practitioners have experienced what you are trying to achieve, they know the harsh reality and will share this and success tips with you readily. Facilitators are often (although not always) academics who have the theoretical knowledge and are well read on publishing and writing but have not written anything other than academic papers (not that that isn’t writing) you may enjoy these types of workshops and you may learn from them.

I believe you can’t beat the passion of someone who is teaching you what they know because that is what they do, and who they are.quality-mark

At the end of the day something wonderful happened. I was deep in conversation and there was another attendee waiting (to speak to the person I was speaking to, I thought…) she was waiting to talk to me!

I found the day sparked inspiration for other writing projects and ideas. My list is getting so long I wonder if by the end of the year I will have had time to write it all!

That’s why I am starting before 8a.m! ON A SUNDAY!

Today’s plan is to catch up on Friday writes and take part in blog challenges, post some of the articles I have been writing offline, finish a few pieces from the May Writing Schedule, complete all 3 parts of my third assignment for the online writing course, go to the allotment with Mr G and finish our planting AND complete about 4 hours of paperwork in prep for work tomorrow!

Who said Sunday was a day of rest?!

Hope you manage to pop back to read the updates.
imagesCADGQ22PHave a relaxing Sunday!

Monthly Review – April 2013


time That was April, ‘pufft’ over in a flash, we are now officially a ¼ of the way through 2013- oh my!

 This month has been massively productive for me as a writer, training in my craft. As far as making money and submitting my work it has been a month off. The writing schedule was only scantily clad this month, I shouldn’t feel I have missed many/ any opportunities really as there were only 3 major projects I wanted to attempt and all of them were competitions. document-wizard-icon

 I found with my brain split between 2 National Writing Month (International) projects (what could I possibly be talking about? Hmmmm…) I couldn’t get my head to produce ideas for short stories for competitions and I had very little time as in addition to the commitment of writing this month came a mighty pile of research!

camp_mastheadCamp NaNoWriMo, (which I discovered in March), filled me with delight. This Spring I had read lots of posts about the challenge, when I looked into it – I was gutted to think I had to wait for Winter/ November to give it a go.

 I started working on a manuscript in January which was sidelined in March (due to writing 2 book proposals and 4 submissions) I know Camp is about creating something new, there is no way I could leave the manuscript in its infancy and work on something new. Plus I was already labelled a camp ‘rebel’ for writing Non-Fiction. I vowed to add 50,000 words to my abandoned manuscript. old-typing-machine_2497958

What I have since discovered is the concept of a 100,000 word book may have been a stretch too far. I seem to have covered everything already – it’s just over 60K in its entirety. (Thanks to camp nanowrimo and the extra 54,089)

I am aiming now to spend time most weekends finishing the writing and editing. I need to look into markets that would accept a shorter version and if not I will hold onto a nearly finished manuscript and complete further research.

 I had originally planned to write 8000 words or so a month on the manuscript, that was before I started the writing schedules, I had been lucky if I wrote a few 1000. Camp Nano has helped me more than double what I had hoped to produce by now. footer-camp

My brain is useless jelly, but I got away without any insect bites or blisters!

 NaPoWriMo I discovered on the cusp of April and I am delighted I did. It was an idea conceived by Maureen T to help poets join in with the National Writing Month (Canada/USA) and as I am primarily a poet and find this genre as comfortable as an old pair of slippers I was over the moon to challenge myself to write a poem a day. I am currently working on collections of a 100 and plan to go back to the website and use all the prompts I didn’t use, by the end of the summer I should 60 more poems than I ever would have had by joining in this celebratory month! I emailed my thanks to Maureen and hope the website now stays active for me to complete some more poems by prompt. napo2013button2

Towards the end of the Month in a fit of peak (realising I was about to have a Nano hole to fill and forgetting the need to obtain freelance work) I enrolled onto an online writing course with a University, it is a 6 week programme on composition and there are about 800 students from around the world involved. I have already submitted my 1st assignment, they started on 22nd and I enrolled on the 27th the Assignment was due 29th!

Lots of video material to watch and a brand new challenge for the next 6 weeks!paper-notes

As for Awritersfountain, I am delighted with the growth of my blog. I thank you all for following, commenting and liking. It means a lot to me.

We have had 65 new followers blogging

Received 2 Blog Awards – Leibster and Shine On –200533564-001

Received over 1000 likeslikeable-blog-1000-2x

I hope the blog will continue to fill me with positivity and creativity, thank you all.

And in the real world…

I signed up for Writing Classes – starting mid May a short course to boost my knowledge of a genre I have only had minimal training in and have many ideas for.

 At the beginning of April, I signed up for a wonderful Comedy Script Writing Workshop, which became one of my greatest Saturdays this year so far! I have met some great people through participating and was glad to start a network email list.

 I looked for other opportunities and found out about some Performance Poetry (I used to be a Performance Poet) events and went along … to watch!

 I have also booked myself onto a network meeting happening early in May.

 A productive month:

54K  manuscript  
30 poems    
1 workshop  
1 performance poetry event
1 uni course assignment
booked more opps  
 Blog 162 followers
  2 awards Leibester
   1000 likes Shine On

 And in the galaxy far, far away from the tip tapping of writing keys… this month;

Mr G and I have managed to get our allotment ready with the first vegetables of the season planted and all the strawberry plants are rescued, weeds culled, and new tools used.

 We have also MOVED MOUNTAINS with our current life plan/ mission that I have made reference to on this blog but until now not revealed. We are buying a new House, keeping fingers crossed but I do believe we are now near completion! (Now any mention of Workmen makes sense.)

I have experienced a nice couple of weeks off work for Easter, celebrated that weekend with my family and visited a friend who I hadn’t seen for a decade, she lives quite far away. So if you can have a road trip by yourself, that’s exactly what that was. It also deepened the realisation to give into more tech and get a Sat Nav! When you’re already driving half way up the country you needn’t add more than 80 miles in 3 ‘I’m a bit lost’ detours! The problem with motorways is you can’t just turn around.

I have managed to pack a few boxes – but not nearly enough – especially in the light of recent events and I have found time to go to work also!

Thanks for following,

Hope you all had an enjoyable April!


Happy writing x


Slice of Life Challenge 24 of 31 – A Lazy Sunday SOLC


Today has been a wonderful day, the sort of productive, positive day you don’t mind sharing on your blog. I got up early (for a Sunday and considering I had a late writing night Saturday) and worked on my book proposal. Then Mr G. and I drove into the City to go to the Electric Cinema – a lovely old place complete with sofas and waited service. It was a very snowy drive, fortunately most of the main roads had a least one lane clear.

We watched ‘Cloud Atlas’ an amazing film. I can’t wait to read the book. I left the cinema full of inspiration and the kind of deep thought good films encourage to escape. We were going to pick up a late lunch on the way home, we decided to save that part of the treat for later in the week.

I got home and sat down to finish my book proposal and … I broke the laptop – not literally I’m on it now. Earlier it wouldn’t switch on at all. I fell asleep waiting, having had 6 hours sleep.

I woke up very confused at 8pm thinking it was tomorrow morning. I finally started to finish my book proposal at 9:30pm, 1.5hrs later I have finished my sample chapter and just need to format and edit the package. I am excited and hopeful.

I will email that before bed. I am in my PJ’s ready!


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Here’s a link to my other slice 21st March – I missed posting the link as 21/31 was closed


I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.

End of Run


I had a really great time yesterday Blogging and researching online, I am dropping off one quick story post and then I am offline for at least 24hrs. I need to write, and stop writing about writing! I have enjoyed the challenges and it has been a good work out for my brain, (I probably managed a 5000 word count with all the free writing and blogging) I have reached the point where I can now return to my work (writing) – I have also got a busy schedule  today, staying offline will give me time to get my paperwork done for tomorrow.

Besides I was excited to see 6 comments this morning and when I ventured to the dashboard, I discovered it was SPAM! I hope some of you can find a little time to splash in the water of the Fountain. I have posted a writing challenge open for any genre, go and have some writing time!

AWF Monthly

Have a good writing week!

Wow, what a wild weekend!


Here we are well into February, I am pleased with what I have managed to squeeze into the past 48+hrs! I have managed to complete many hours of research for various writing projects, as well as lots of blogging and reading in Blogland. I have started to work my way through the 2 A4 pages of February things to check, list in my writing notebook. I have managed to clear out all my emails – 100’s of them, I have signed up for several writing newsletters, I have explored lots of writing websites and completed a few job searches.

I have taken part in Picture it & Write it challenges, creating some new poetry. I worked on my submission for WordPress Weekly and Daily challenges. I have raided several photo albums – hours saving online. I still need to look at the Christmas photographs that my partner told me to check on Friday night. I have ordered his birthday present (just need to make sure of a card), one step ahead of January already!

I have seen my family, including Patrick, who is back from travels in Europe and with us until Tuesday when he begins his homebound journey via a few places. I was entertained by my nephews and spent some time catching up with people I have not seen for a while.

I also managed some High Street chases – some financially positioned and some looking for warm clothes for my next cold venture. On top of all this I HAVE MANAGED to write as well. (So proud!)

I have done all the necessary paperwork for the job. I have written just shy of 2000 words on a new submission this evening. Draft 1 done. (Deadline in just over 3 weeks.)

Have a Fabulous February!


Finish Lines


I am currently completing some language research for a current submission I hope to have ready by the end of the weekend. I have finished my final draft and edit, however I might make some amendments after a quick surf of some websites tonight.
I booked a February trip last night and although it is paid for is a treat I can barely afford whilst trying to complete the other projects this Winter. I got a call earlier for more work next week – that has paid for the flight!

I had some Indoor Fireworks for Christmas, we have just set most of them off. Pretty hard to capture in a picture… delightful experience though. Happiness on fire.

I have also managed some time reading blogs, I added lots last night, for some reason I have woken up to be a follower of a load of sports blogs, I have no idea how that happened. The sites were running slowly last night.
I picked up on GOOD READS and have managed to join via Facebook. I was ill last year and managed to read 40 books, I have gone for 42, as it beats last year and is also the meaning of life, the universe and everything!
I just don’t know how to add the side bar gif that tracks my reads and reviews & allows you to link to the Goodreads site too – if any of you know please can you leave me technical advise? I think it is to do with the frames of the theme I have chosen that don’t support sidebar columns, I love this theme though, it suits the fountain and I don’t want to change it.

I am on my 6th book, the chapter headings have quotations from other books, I thought it might be fun to read those too this year. I read 100 pages or so this morning. I love weekends!
I hope you’re all having a great weekend too.