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An Afternoon of Poetry and Waffles


pfl april 2

PFL Chris PFL Jan PFL me PFL Natalie  PFL4  PFL andrea

Poetry for Lunch today was great and the sun shone – that’s the first time that has ever happened!

‘Wonderful poetry and wonderful poetry this Thursday. Thank you to Swingerella, James Langton, Nina Lewis, Inez MacDonald, Al Barz, Natalie Burdett, Christian Makuta, Maria Isabel and of course a big thank you to Loss the techie.’ – Jan Watts


Next week Worcester Stanza Group (which I am in) is taking over PFL for the whole lunch time! Claire Walker has organised it and I can’t wait. Have even taken the day off work.

A few of us went out afterwards to eat at Something Sweet – an amazing Waffle house on the other side of the city!

ss1   ss  ss2

Since getting home over 6hours later, Mr G has been very productive in the garden, planting asparagus and then we both spent a while up at the allotment, cutting down long grass, weeding and planting potatoes. I will definitely need a lie in tomorrow!


Out again tomorrow night for Word Up at York’s Bakery, I was reciting my lines on the way home trying to learn some of my set. Look out for posts about that tomorrow.

Word Up & Waffles


Word Up was amazing – the first time I have made the open mic at York’s Bakery and the Headline Act was Lorna Meehan, I have seen her at events a lot in the past fortnight and I am glad that she has finished her poetry tour because her material is very entertaining.

I had to go on first and found it very noisy without the PA system, it was a lovely receptive crowd and in the end I was glad I was first on, because the rest of the sets were incredible.
I look forward to the next one.

Afterwards a few of us had decided to go for a drink. By the time we got to the bar, I realised that almost the entire gang of poets had come with us. The bar was rammed (city on a Friday night) and so someone suggested a waffle house…ss
It was a great place, despite being across the other side of the City. And we all had a great time and some delicious waffles!

waffle One of the best Friday night’s out I have had in a while!