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INKSPILL 2018 Feedback & Thanks


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We hope you have enjoyed the 6th Annual Writing Retreat. INKSPILL 2019 will be back next October in the final weekend of the month. It will feature more Guest Writers, Workshop Activities, Interviews, News and the latest edition of Contour.

Please spend a few minutes commenting with your feedback and include any ideas of what you would like to see/focus on in 2019.


We want to take this opportunity to thank our Guest Writers and Featured Writer for all the time, energy and effort they have put in to make this a successful retreat.



INKSPILL 2015 Online Writing Retreat – Thank YOU


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CC coffee-and-books-300x225 That’s it folks, for another year at least. Thank you to everyone who made INKSPILL possible this year, to our Guest Writers.

GUEST David Calcutt

GUEST Alison May

GUEST Daniel Sluman

Thanks for giving us exclusive interviews and giving your time for free in recognition of this venture being non-profit making.

Please visit the INKSPILL/AWF Bookshop and if you don’t already know the work of our Guest Writers go and explore/buy/support. CC bookshop-window Garry Knight

                                   ENTER THE  ^^  BOOKSHOP

Rather excitingly, this venture, after 3 years of hard work and the generosity of six Guest Writers has made some impact and talks are afoot for some additions next year. More on this early 2016!

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We have once again got the statistics to show that many people were active during the weekend. We had 120- 250 visitors each day (some may have been repeat visitors).

Please remember to click LIKE and leave comments on the INKSPILL posts.

WordPress blogs award your ‘most busy day’ (post views), ours was set last year, 266 in April 2014 – during NaPoWrimo. On Saturday, this was smashed and a new record of over 320 views was set by all of you taking part in INKSPILL. thank-you-typewriter

It has been worth every month, week, day and minute of planning and I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme, I plan to sneak back over the Christmas holidays and join in like you have. So if you don’t see me for two days online, you will know where I am!

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Interested in what started INKSPILL?

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© N. Lewis 2007  © 2007 Nina Lewis

Interested in the background of the blog? Click here

Once again, thank you for all your support, I hope you have found INKSPILL useful.

Please spread the word.

The posts remain active after this weekend, so come for a dip whenever you like and if you FOLLOW the blog, you will never lose us on your reader.

Many thanks

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INKSPILL: End of Day 1




We hope you have enjoyed INKSPILL, that you have managed to find some time to write, that you were inspired by some of the posts, articles and videos.

A BIG THANK YOU to our Guest Writer, William Gallagher, who gave his time to prepare articles, video and writing exercises for us – all for FREE.

Don’t forget we are back again tomorrow, with Guest Writers Heather Wastie and Charlie Jordan, more motivational videos and all sorts of other posts.

Enjoy your rest and see you again tomorrow for our final INKSPILL sessions!

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I just popped on to start today’s posts (mainly NaNoWriMo) and look what I found….


AWF stars Absolutely delighted – especially as I posted about this and last night – came home in hope of 2 new followers and found that a follower had unfollowed 😦 so we needed 3 more!
And today 🙂 they have come. DSC02994

Thanks a billion to all you followers – I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I love writing it!