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Knock Those Demons on the Head – Advice for Creatives


I know from analysing data from my blog that some of the most popular posts are helpful advice offered to writers on many HOW TO … themes.

Well here’s another one.

Born out of recent online conversations over my review of last night came the idea for this post!

This is the extract …

‘I shouldn’t beat myself up less and need to stop comparing myself to other artists. We are all unique and talented in our own ways and how I feel, what I think is not what the audience experiences.’

I think many of you will relate to this dent of confidence that comes when you’re watching other performers doing their sets.

This is the response I wrote;

I think all humans do it and artists especially…. there is something attached to the ego that makes it happen. Wise words like ‘be yourself, write from what/where you know’, are all true and if you can manage that then you are taking steps in the right direction.

I trained as a Life Coach & I learnt to let go of judgement & unhealthy comparison which helps me argue against the doubt in my head…. sometimes. It is a hard thing to do, but a good exercise.

Art is subjective, you put it out there and people see/hear/grasp the bits they want or need. Editors for example always choose what I would slush & reject what I love! 😉

There’s no accounting for taste… just let us keep on doing what we do!

Believe ~ breathe.