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SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge – Two for the Price of One!


Two slices that is…

sols_6Grab yourself a coffee (or preferred beverage) and enjoy!

Last Tuesday I promised a slice all about the birthday celebrations – then I didn’t manage to post a slice at all… let’s step back to mid-August – there are many of us now wishing we could step back a few weeks and relive the summer… happy bday

I started celebrations on the Friday as I went to a Jazz Festival (my dad’s band ‘Broadband’ were playing) -it was a fantastic night with friends and afterwards I went to spend a bit of time with my Dad. I got home close to 1 a.m and crept to bed.

The next morning I expected to wake late – but I am still like a child with birthday excitement! I was awake at 5 a.m and in Blogland so as to not wake Mr G.

Then we shared a lovely birthday breakfast*. I treated myself to some cereal (chocolate pillows filled with hazelnut chocolate – I am such a big kid!) and croissants and coffee and some special ‘Gooey’ biscuits Mr G had bought! tumblr_ll8sakx7PT1qjus36o1_500

Then I had a treasure hunt to find presents (told ‘ya… big kid!) it was the first birthday/ any celebration in our new house and I wanted to remember it! I had 8 clues text to my mobile. I had to ask for help on social media… who says it’s for networking?! Eventually I found bdaythem all – by this point a friend was over and I had to get ready for a family lunch.

My family lunch was amazing and I enjoyed a lovely meal out in good company! My bro and his partner managed to get there with my nephews… any excuse to play the birthday child! I loved sharing it with a 5 and 8 year old. All their needs met. Excited questions about presents answered eagerly!

I got home in time for a quick outfit change and went out to a local bar for birthday evening drinks with a few friends. We got home for 10ish (incredibly early) but I had been out for almost 10 hours and was exhausted. Our friend who came back with us had the superb idea of ordering a take-away, we finished the night off with a film and a curry. (Oh and some more drinks!)

My birthday continued on the Sunday with a birthday brunch of hash browns, potato waffles, eggs and beans, something there was no time or stomach room to have on my actual birthday. 1 bday Oh AND I got a cake with candles… Thanks Mr. G!

sunsetThis past week I have been relaxing (offline for the Bank Holiday weekend – as Mr G had time off and has completely transformed the garden!) I have had family visit and helped babysit two incredibly cute nephews in their onesies!

Today is the first day I need to get back to ‘work’, organise my future. Which leads me to the banking fiasco of today!

Today… started early as I woke up with a hacking cough sometime just after 6AM and didn’t manage to get back to bed, let alone sleep. (I’ve had the cough for over 3 weeks and due to the PSA adverts got a little worried. Eventually had a Dr appointment last week, airways seem to be clear. So as long as it has gone in 3 weeks (now 2.5 weeks) I should be okay, if not at that point they will order a chest x-ray!) It isn’t as bad as it was – but when I start I can’t stop and lying down is the most likely thing to set it off!)


I decided to ACTION my two main tasks for the day – joining agencies for work this September and activating online banking (having forgotten to transfer bill payment money last week before the Bank Holiday weekend. Eek!)

And so begins my day – it is hard to imagine without an image of Calamity Jane! I am a real techno phobic deep down and am one of the rare species who prefer face to face contact in a local branch. Firstly, I discover I have online banking, last accessed 6 months ago. Of course I have to change all my details as I cannot recall usernames and passwords and all paperwork is still in a ‘I just moved house (this June) box’!

Secondly, I discover that I don’t have the right telephone number logged with them so they cannot verify who I am. I look up a landline number to contact (as I only have mobile access) and wait until after 8 a.m. I eat my last bowl of birthday cereal* and watch some TV.

I phone the bank. I confirm the changed details. I log into my account, online. I process the transaction – incorrectly at first, of course (see note about techno phobic), I try again. The transaction is successful – they will phone to verify. imagesCAJBX1JQ

The phone number is incorrect. I change it. That will take 3 days to process. (As will the financial transaction – the first payments are already going out and there is no overdraft facility!) I look up another alternative telephone contact and phone for assistance. I am told I don’t have telephone banking so they can’t help me. I set up telephone banking so I am never in this farcical scenario again. That will take another 5 days.

An hour later I have to walk into town (close to us) in baking sun (thank goodness we have a few more sunny days at the end of the school holiday to enjoy!) I queue at my bank and get served by a trainee so everything needs to happen twice and be confirmed (we all started somewhere) – but for some UNKNOWN reason my bank cannot transfer the money across to another account of mine in a different bank and so I have to walk the street with cash for all my bill money. Fortunately the banks are all close together and I don’t have far to walk… needless to say I prayed all the way!

I wait in an EXCEPTIONALLY long queue and EVENTUALLY transfer my HARD earned pay into our joint account to pay for Household bills! The total transaction time approx: 3 hours! And they say internet banking makes everything quicker – we will see next month when hopefully it will be up and running! I cannot set a debit as the monthly amount varies before any of you suggest such sensible solutions.

Now I have half a day to sort agencies for the Autumn – and to relax and enjoy the sunshine. We still have boxes to unpack and rooms to sort – but it is sunny and anybody who lives in the UK will tell you, when this happens – you get outside and enjoy it!

original_morning-sunshine-mug-1 Off to get a big coffee of my own now!

SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge – The Birthday Week!


For my whole life (not surprisingly) my older brother and I have shared the same birthday week (I know technically some years the birth dates fall in two different weeks, not this year though!) – and once (only once – with two Leo children my mother never made the same mistake again!) even a birthday cake was shared.

I should explain it was a gift from an Aunty who was practising the cake decorating craze of the 80’s and as my mum tried to explain the cake half was as big (if not bigger) than a full birthday cake would have been! I should also add that at the time (and again for the only time) mum had booked our summer holiday during the birthday week and we were in a caravan – so there was a certain space storage issue. cake

Still the jealous little sister in me (of which there was a high percentage!) never got over the fact that on my birthday half a cake was revealed – a half I had already seen 5 days earlier!


Okay so after that intro where is this slice heading? The jealousy has subsided – especially as he is closer to 40 than me and this brings me some relief! And also (I hope) I grew up a little bit!
So today is my older brother’s birthday … I don’t know what his plans are but I plan on dropping his card and gift in later so I hope he is in!

This week we are also both seeing Dad (he is a jazz musician) I have arranged for some friends to come to a gig on the Friday night for a pre-birthday outing (I am a LEO – my birthday can last a week! – For my 21st I did 21 days/nights – I no longer have the stamina, time or money for such a feat! I was fresh out of college and enjoying what I thought would be my last free summer… two years before I went back to college as a teacher and got every summer free!) There is another gig on Saturday (my actual birthday that my bro and his family are going to!) Fortunately they can squeeze me and a meal in first!

I have just remembered (now my ego has taken a breath!) that the slices are retrospective of the week past… I will start again and you can wait for next week to hear the birthday instalment!


A week ago my mum came to help me get the house straight – we now have the whole of the downstairs (if I forget the cupboard and lean to) sorted, unpacked, clean and lived in.
I didn’t get up to much last week as I was in recovery after socialising to the max whilst we had our houseguest. I kind of needed a rest!

People came to view my apartment and the estate agents gave me feedback – I spent a while imagining it was sold. And fingers crossed I think that wish is manifesting!

I took mum for an appointment and had lunch with her. It was nice to spend time together. I also caught up with a few friends – had a lovely day in the park and lunch at a friend’s and enjoyed the sunshine.

We had planned to go to the allotment over the weekend – the strawberries of the summer are no more – we are now enjoying cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, French beans and soon onions too!

We went last night instead as we were both asleep for a great part of Sunday!

Mr G spent a while prepping the summer house as our drying out venue for the veg and we shared a glass in the garden before coming in and cooking our first meal together in the kitchen (it’s the little things!) He found my fridge magnet word set and we had a word battle on the fridge before serving up! The allotment beans and potatoes were GORGEOUS!

I woke up this morning to a social media influx of shooting stars and cosmos based statuses – after all the nights we have spent star gazing (the constellations are so clear) we were inside cooking, eating and sleeping whilst the rest of my friends were watching an amazing meteor shower! Gutted. Although I did see lots of shooting stars the other week.

Anyway another great week and half way through the summer holiday.


For all slicers remember the connection theme – go and read someone you have never read before!

SOLC Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6This week has flown by. At the beginning of the week we had our houseguest back from France. I finished the DIY on the apartment and FINALLY got it on the market! I socialised with friends. Celebrated a surprise birthday party and another Leo birthday and a wedding and also had friends over to the house at the weekend.

Yesterday my friend started her long journey back to Australia.036331-3d-glossy-blue-orb-icon-transport-travel-transportation-airplane3 I was so tired I tried to sort the house but ended up sleeping lots!
Today I asked my mum for help – accepting I needed motivating. I collected Garden furniture from hers and then she helped me unpack the lounge. We shared lunch & then she stayed until teatime helping me LOTS!
Couldn’t have achieved it without her. Also did laundry and other chores. The whole DOWNSTAIRS of the house is now done!
When Mr G came home from work he set up the Wii and we played The Cube (Christmas present)it was fab. Addictive. We played for over an hour. We both beat the Cube, once! Great fun.

Mr G cooked a curry and we watched a film. Now drinking a ginger wine sample (Christmas present) it’s the day for them… Next stop – bed! 12404137485srOB1

Slice of Life SOLC – Where did July go?



The End of July sols_6

This month seems to have passed me by in a flash, I can’t believe it is almost the end of July and my 2nd Camp NaNoWriMo already!

I am mainly unpacking boxes – today’s mission was to get the kitchen and lounge straight – I think if I keep going until midnight I may manage it!

My friend is on her way back from Europe today after a week away and is using our pad as her base for the next week of her travels around the island. Be good to see her again. This really has been the week for reunions!

I went to a Critique night with the writers from the children’s picture books course on Wednesday, followed by an adventure across town to see my friends who had come up from the South-East – last seen 2 yrs ago at their wedding! Great to see them again!

The first day of my holiday (last Thursday) was supposed to be dedicated to getting the house unpacked. I did some in the kitchen and then ran some errands before Jen and Alon (friends from South-East seen briefly the night before) came to see our new place. Then no sooner were they going when another friend popped in. we shared some drinks in the sun in the garden with Mr G when he got home and then I went out to the village pub to see people (friends) that I haven’t seen for months! (Mainly teachers so holiday is the only catching up time we have) it was a lovely night and I got home around midnight for the 2nd night in a row!

Friday I was really tired from all the late nights but Mr G had taken the day off to do the house and he wasn’t letting me sleep through it! We had a lovely breakfast in the garden and then started on the front garden and the hedge! We also started building my nightmare double wardrobes – which take up the whole floor when down on the ground and really aren’t a flat pack item  – once they are built – they are built. Unfortunately I wasn’t much help and even though a friend helped move them into position on Saturday, they are still incomplete – as I realised the sides are on the wrong way around!

Mr G is waiting for help – as it is a 2 man job that I am just not strong enough or tall enough to help with!

This means the bed is still not built – we need the room for the wardrobe construction 1st. We had one night camping back in the lounge and the rest on the mattress on the floor.

Saturday we planned to carry on with what we ran out of time to do Friday – kitchen & wardrobes/ bed. A friend came over instead and we spent the day in the sun in the garden, I ran a few errands and supermarket pick ups apart from that I didn’t do much other than sort clothes out ready to go in the wardrobe and some laundry.

Watched a film and SLEPT!

Sunday again we planned to work on the house – best laid plans – by the time we had had a leisurely start – breakfast in the garden and I’d got up we had a little time to work on things. I was going out to a college reunion – theatre students – been in the planning process for best part of 12 months!

It was fab – really felt like we had never left each other – it is 2 decades since we met and at least 17 years since we have seen each other. Wonderful experience, I was on such a high when I got home.

Mr G (Bless him) had rearranged furniture and got rooms well on the go ready for me to get in and sort. Which I did a lil’ before bed!

Monday I planned an entire day on the house whilst Mr G was at work. I got up at 8:30 and started – had no energy – was asleep by 10! Woke up at 2:30 pm – was asleep again 7pm – 11pm – and finally went to bed after falling asleep on, sofa close to 2AM!

Body on TOTAL shut down. So tired!

Fortunately today I have been up since 8 and have cleared unpacked and sorted lots on the kitchen and lounge! Hope to get most of it done before bed!


A Slice of Life Near the end of July #2


This is only the 2nd week this month I have managed to write a slice. sols_6I want this day remembered for several reasons;

  • the storm
  • leaving work
  • visiting friends
  • a Royal Baby

The Perfect Storm

Firstly the storm – so exciting after 3 weeks of constant heat and sun – hotter than Hawaii and totally unusual and a sure sign of Global warming for this Island! And now the rain to help the allotment, garden and plants Mr G bought me to brighten up the front doorstep that needed to be watered. The best is – IT IS NOT COLD – the temperature has rocketed up and there are many lulls in between monsoon downpours. I am loving it right now as I am dry inside and looking at the magnificence through a huge window – we will see if I like it the same when I am out in going to work or trying to calm down a class full of freaked out small children!

The 1st thing I wrote this morning was a poem – read it here

The end of an Era

Speaking of which it is the last but one day. I handed my notice in in May and plan to freelance and work for Local Authorities and Agencies come September. The 60-80 hour weeks were making me ill and a decision had to be made. I am very indecisive but fortunately some actions have made the decision for me really. It is strange but because of the medication I feel neither happiness nor sadness at this life changing event. 8 years in the same place and 13 years into my career I would expect to feel something. Maybe that feeling stopped long ago – or I am staying strong and suppressing the tidal wave of emotions. imagesCAVZQJ1K

Across the Oceans – Au Revoir!

Last Monday (another reason there was no slice last week) my friend travelled back from Australia! She has been gone 4 years, although now we have reunited it doesn’t seem that long! She has been staying with Mr G and I – I am embarrassed because the house is so far from straight, her room is filled with boxes and every night we all worry about a mountain of cardboard falling down!

She has managed to get out and see lots of people and now she is one night off the next leg of her journey to France.

Having to tear myself away from possibilities of fun and adventure to go to work and not being able to play because I have to redecorate the flat frustrates me. I will be on holiday when she makes it back. It has been lovely having her here and she doesn’t know it but she has inspired a hearts story or two!

Royal Blue *

And this slice wouldn’t be a true slice if this wasn’t mentioned…Spring-makeover-10-ideas--007

Unlike the rest of the world I was busy last night and not glued to media filling time before the birth of the Royal Baby. However I do have Facebook and the wall was full of messages about the baby, so before I went to bed I knew Kate had given birth to a baby boy!

It kind of takes the shine off waking up and finding out by watching breakfast news (as I would have done today – especially as I was woken up early by the storm!)

Royal Baby BBC

A formal bulletin confirming the birth was displayed at Buckingham Palace


BBC © 2013

* very pleased with my thunder bolt inspired title

And in other parts of my fractious life I am ruled by TO DO lists and clock watching!

to do

  • Flat decorate and sell
  • Applications & agency sign ups
  • Finishing work
  • Sorting new home
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Picture Book Group

I cannot believe this but I STILL have to finish the flat – bobwe only live 7 miles away but after work it is hard to have the energy for the tasks ahead. TONIGHT I am going over and finishing the jobs! Also (fingers crossed) showing someone around.

I need to sign up with agencies for September and complete the LA application form – and post them by the end of the day – have not found time in the past 4 weeks to deal with this!

NaNoWriMo – I am struggling with this as the short story I was writing turned into a novella. I have overcome the writing block by starting another story and hope to find time to edit and submit both manuscripts over the summer! nano3

The Picture Book Group had to postpone our weekend meeting due to riots in the city, we are meeting tomorrow night instead, tonight after work and the flat I have to critique 5 manuscripts.

And my friend thought her flight was today – it is tomorrow so all the busy-ness I planned means I won’t get to see much of her.


Happy Summer!

SOLC Slice of Life – The first Piece of July Pie!



I am delighted to have made it back online and there is so much going on these slices could be bigger than humble pie! I will try and limit myself to news from the past week!

Well the big news of course – which if you follow my blog you will know I moved house! Mr G and I are now happily living with bits of furniture in the wrong room and boxes and boxes of stuff. I am busy sorting the kitchen first – despite it being a good size the storage is a mini size and with the combination of all our things it is a bit of a nightmare. Plus the removal man couldn’t fit the washing machine so we need someone pin-up-woman-cleaning-up-cold-blue-winter-snow-28623149around to do that. And the laundry has piled up, I planned to do final washes at the apartment – I was worried about water everywhere though – and with good reason the floor needed quite a mopping when the machine was moved!

If it’s not fixed by the weekend then we will need launderette trips.

files-archiveI have just under three weeks left at work. I need to sign up for some agencies and the like ready for some earning potential – particularly as I am still paying for the apartment, I did manage to arrange estate agent evaluations this week though! Finally – been wanting to have it on the market since May but there was so much stuff in it I could never have got it to a presentable standard. I need to do a deep clean and some DIY in the kitchen but they can at least come and tell me what I can hope to get for it.

My neighbours are selling too – 3 of us in the same part of the building – I am hoping the ‘no chain’ factor helps push mine and I have a feeling it may be going on for less than the others. (As there are basic and deluxe kitchens and I believe my side has the basic fittings.)

That’s my next mission sell my flat before Christmas! timer

The past fortnight has been a mission – offline – no TV – just work – sleep – and packing! Apart from my friends BBQ housewarming which was a lovely evening and the first time I have been out in months!

The weekend together at the new house was lovely though – the sun finally shining – summer FINALLY here! Lots of relaxing in the garden after weeks/months of high stress house move feelings! It took us a while to get here but here we are and it was worth waiting for – like all good things.


And in my writing life I have started Camp NaNoWriMo (my 2nd trip to the virtual writers retreat this year, I did 54000 words in April), my summer camp target is just 35000 I am dancing around the 8000 mark – but work will finish before camp does allowing me some catch up time!

Off to grab breakfast in the box city kitchen and read some of your slices before unpacking the house some more!

Slice of Life Challenge (SOLC) – A Slice of Layers


Another week of many fingers… many pies!sols_6

The House

The Electrician signed the work off and we got a plasterer in to quote the touch up work in every room. We have been busy most days (by we I mean Mr G) on the garden – I have sat on a chair in the sun and looked through design catalogues for inspiration on décor for inside! I have done some watering. We have strawberries, tomatoes, chilli’s & peppers growing really well as our Garden is a sun trap! Mr G has been busy sorting all the bedding plants out and rearranging the use of the garden space.


I have been busy catching up on cloud_writing2my online writing course I have an assignment due this Thursday that is still in the research stages! I am trying not to panic, today I need to post an outline – that will help write the final piece, then complete research and post assignment…

Sounds simple – but I have this morning to finish all online research. I have work this afternoon and tomorrow, + writing classes in the city tomorrow night and I am working all day Thurs! Eek!

As mentioned the writing classes continue – we have 3 weeks left, half way through. I have a homework assignment to do for this too. On character motivation – I do have the reading material offline which makes it more manageable!

I am thoroughly enjoying The Writing Picture Books classes with Clare Bell. kids books

camp_nano_promo_13 I have my June Writing schedule underway and there is one project I am working on for submission.  And I am also posting articles on my blog in preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo summer camp next month! (Go on you know you want to join up! Sign up NOW!)


I need to pack up my apartment and arrange removal firms over the next few weeks, I have been busy with work, the allotment, the house and staying with Mr G. Packing is on the schedule for this weekend coming up – unfortunately there are also 2 writing events this weekend that I was supposed to attend. I think I still will, I will just go to bed early, get up early and fit it in!

I have over the past few weeks felt torn by the amount I am trying to do is so many areas – it is no wonder I am going slightly mad. The thing that keeps me going is that in a month or so everything will be settled and much more smooth. (Well as long as I don’t imagine the wallpaper

© A.Cooke 2013
© A.Cooke 2013

stripping and paint pots!)

The sun was out all weekend which was lovely and summery! So we spent Saturday in the allotment and Sunday in the garden, followed by 7 hrs worth of paperwork to prepare me for this week! I have also managed to catch up on my sleep! And got to see my family. My mum is raising money for the Mumbai Project at the moment and will be doing a jewellery store sale, her spare room is full of sparkling jewellery, I have bought a few items, to start off her funds.

Let me know if you are interested in making a donation. I will get the details and add them to this post!

SOLC – Slice of Life


Slice of Life sols_6

and what a slice! So much has happened over the past fortnight… I am treating you to two slices as once again I forgot to post a slice last week.

I have finally (after lots of decision making) started a new life. I have finally regained enough of my ‘self’ to power and guide my own path forward. Mr G and I have had our new house for a month now and the rewiring and electrics have been done (in less than a week), we have spent 2 nights (in gorgeous) summer sunshine working in the overgrown garden, which is already beautiful and with our TLC, green fingers and creativity we hope that over the next few years we can get it to a gorgeous garden level.Green-Clovers-Vector-Illustration

This evening after work we watered all the plants at the allotment and then headed over to our new home, we worked at chopping back a part of the overgrown border and watered all the strawberry, pepper and tomato plants, we (mainly Mr G) constructed the new Tomatoes House and placed it against the summer house. We spent ages trying to get keys to work in it that I was convinced the estate agents had used, later on I tried all the keys so we could both have a bunch with every door on and I found the right key for the summer house!

We had a picnic in the garden for tea and then got home around 9:30pm, tired and happy.

imagesCAPZJ2BH I have written the first draft of a picture book and submitted several poems for publication.

I have also had an exciting week with regards to work. I applied for a job and got an interview, only 6 candidates were chosen, I spent a day researching them, the role and writing a pitch – I have never had to pitch anything in my life! Unfortunately I got pipped to the post by a chap who was already working in that field.

However, I did get a lovely call from the Company Director reassuring me that my pitch was the best and that if I had had a little more experience I would have been the one they appointed but they didn’t have the funding or spare man power to put me in position and then train me up. The point is – this is the first job application I had written and sent in 2 years – 2 years ago I got no interviews, it has been 14 years since I applied for a job outside of my profession.

So the 1st application and I got an interview! That alone was enough to show me that my decisions have been the right ones. I will succeed. The right job will be mine and I will have fun looking. Last week I ended up having a team interview for an hour and a half! It didn’t feel like it – it was fun and comfortable. Because it is true – when you follow your passion, the thing that you are meant to do the universe supports you and guides you to success. At least now I know – I have done the right thing – I am doing the right thing – I can stay on this track and keep going until I find the finishing line and the cherry on the cake? My confidence got the boost it needed!

I have also reunited with friends I have not seen for 5-6 months, it was my first time out in months and was a lovely sunny day too. Perfect!

I have also started to organise the marketing and selling of my apartment (FINALLY!)

SOLC – A Triple Slice of Life


Slice of Life Tuesday – I have not been able to post for 3 weeks – either been offline or confused with the day!  So this is a triple decker, a mighty slice of life, a big, three week munch of a slice – in reverse order! cute cupcakes, vector

sols_blueFind out what it’s all about!

  • This week– feels like 100 days not just 7!

Work is currently a flux of action, assessments, reviews, changes and sweat and tears. I started my writing classes, Wednesday night classes on Writing for Children. children-s-books-19449416(Back of the head ideas). It takes an hour to drive to the city after work and I was ready to collapse with lack of food and tiredness after work last week. It was like a day off working Thursday! I was in in the morning which meant I could get busy writing Thursday afternoon. I was so tired Thursday and Friday I was asleep by 8pm!

We organised more electrical quotes at the new house and popped in for post a few times – very excited! Can’t wait!

I managed a couple of submissions, poetry and a fantasy short story. On Saturday I went to my 2nd script writing workshop – a great group.

Sunday we were at the allotment in the sun, followed by an afternoon and evening of work. Monday was one of those days that doesn’t deserve to be almanaced or remembered.imagesCAMWGQ2S

And today I have worked, attended meetings, made a ton of phone calls, worked late, signed house paperwork, found out about 1st ever deposit into my 1st ever joint account (do your read the excitement?) I have also spent the past 3hrs completing my 4th college assignment!

Exhausted – bed time now!

cute cupcakes, vectorLast Week

Another Twilight training session began the working week, followed by a last minute rush on a college assignment, I predicted it would take 1hr tops, poor Mr G I was there on the laptop for 3 hours, with all the students (1000’s) the site was crashing and the forum and platform posts for assignments were taking hours to appear.

(Incase you are not a regular reader of my blog) – I signed onto my 1st Online Writing course at the end of April and I have found it and the submission deadlines hardcore!

I managed to submit Assignment 2 in time and started working on the heavy research schedule for Assignment/ Part 3 of the course. Let’s hope the tech doesn’t let us down this time.

By the weekend I had completed all the research and burnt the midnight–all-day-oil on Sunday to get assignment 3 completed before work starting up again. It took best part of 9 hrs but I got it done!

I also had several meetings in Banks as Mr G and I were exchanging contracts on our new house! Which we FINALLY (after finding it mid January) completed on yesterday and we are now proud owners of new keys!

I attended the first of 3 scriptwriting workshops over the weekend. It was immensely useful.

This week I have discovered new genres and attempted writing around them.

I am currently working on a short story and some poems for submission.

And PACKING BOXES – lots of boxes! cardboard-box

The week before-

Tuesdaycute cupcakes, vector

I had paperwork (lots of it) to complete this weekend, we had a 3 day weekend so I would have expected it to be complete as usual for Sunday evening. I have struggled with it this week and it has taken twice as long as normal, part of the time (2.5hrs) had to be completed before I went into work today.

I started early (before 8 a.m) after this I ate brunch & posted my latest genre request onto my blog. Just before I logged out, I checked my emails…*

On Saturday I had my 2nd College assignment to turn in with a 9pm UTC deadline.

I made 3 mistakes which resulted in a missed deadline!

I thought we were 4 – 6 hrs behind – we were for Camp NaNoWriMo! My error was forgetting the multitude of time differences across the states of America! My 2nd mistake was, after being out all day I got to see Mr G and watched some recorded (oh the irony) TV programmes.

By the time I finished my writing it was a few minutes to the 9pm deadline (10pm for us), I log in and have 60 secs to post, should have been find, they have taken over 1000 students and I think hundreds were all trying to do the same thing. Assignment closed.

All over the forum posts grew about the missed deadline, some people had neglected to do 4 hrs research (I did this Friday night) and was quite an expert in expectations, objectives and course outlines. I also rallied people to complain hard (I was a member of Youth C.N.D and won political debates at school against older kids, a born soapbox activist.) I didn’t hold much hope – I didn’t tell my classmates that.

Then the second deadline passed and the forum was inidated with people complaining that Wex hadn’t sent them any material to review – we have 4 to complete by Weds. 2-4hrs work as the site runs slowly! If you are reading this, I have been to the library, written & posted my reviews and have completed assignment 2 without losing course credit. imagesCANYEEWS

It is a real lesson on speaking up and speaking out. And that many voices are strong. That and there were technical problems across the platforms and many people threatening to drop the course, which as it is the 1st time they have run it wouldn’t have looked any good on there target spreadsheets.

IT FEELS GOOD! And I am 75% completed as I write.

*Ohio State University Online learning.

Thank you, Universe!

The world since last Tuesday has been busy, full of activity, demanding, challenging, tiring, hectic and eventful (was just chasing the synonyms there… having just discovered ‘how to’ on Word.) I also learnt how to load full size photos to WordPress & displaying copyright. It is such an action packed week, I am going to offer you three slices!

Life  –

Twilight training, assessments, allotment in the sunshine, all strawberry plants rescued and rhubarb free from weeds. Plots dug over, everything planted ready. Exciting time (now Summer finally arrived), water and wait! The whole planet missed Spring I think stuck in a perpectual winter.

Things are moving forward with the house buying and we hope to have the keys very soon. We are at the meetings and money stage.

Writing Life  – imagesCA6R9C43

Who said anything about having a rest after Camp Nanowrimo? Just before the end of April I enrolled in a free online writing course with Ohio State University, if you’re interested in reading more follow the links.

This week I have been working on the 2nd assignment.

I have embarked on a journey with a new genre. Horror. Psychological horror I think possibly. Again there is a Flash and a plea for help follow the links if you dare! Mwhahahahaha

I completed several hours research for the college assignment (4hrs) & some more on areas of interest, some of which I am sure to share on the blog at some point.

Last Saturday I attended a writers network meeting, apart from getting lost en route and arriving late (eek) it was good, I met some fellow writers, some of who were retired (enviable, as I am trying to squeeze work and income in this writing year) and also listened to some guest speakers. There may be a possibility of training in a community programme later this year or even to facilitate something similar… exciting prospects!

Just before the mingle, certain events at the venue were promoted. One I had not heard about as this region was the other side of the boarders I had focused my initial searches in, I realise you have to spread your wings, especially as a freelancer. There was a man from Kent (I used to live in Canterbury) at the last workshop at the beginning of April in Birmingham… that seems like a life-time ago and it was only a month ago!

I signed up for more workshops starting this Saturday! (Impulse buy! And to think it used to be shoes!) imagesCADQ6RA1

Blog Life  –

At the end of last month we won lots of blog awards as you can see if you’re here reading this. It took hours, I finally did it – nominated many other blogs, now experiencing the lovely feeling of reaping what you sow – happiness begets happiness.

It is my first time for all this as I have only been blogging since the start of 2013.

It has been a good week all in all and the bonus was it finished with;

A long weekend

Some extra time with Mr G

A college deadline that was then extended

And a frozen cheesecake we bought on Saturday morning when we nipped into town to sort out banking!


I wrote 1259 words last night on the prequel for Receiver Reception, there may be more for that story by the end of the weekend.

I spent 3 hours submitting my assignment 2 with extended deadline.

And that’s a miracle because I had no free time until after 6pm!

Today I’m writing reviews and moving onto assignment 3. I have to run errands and get to work now.

Take care & Keep  Writing!


SOLC – A Slice of Life – A Busy Week


Tuesday Slice of Lifesols_blue
Unfortunately once again my brain blanked the day after I got home from work and Twilight training last night, that and I am still pumped about finishing my Camp NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo challenges!

I am posting my Tuesday slice on Wednesday and hope it still gets read! The comments are closed so I can’t post the link, but here is my big portion this week slice!

A whirlpool week, it makes me dizzy thinking about it!
Very busy work week, finished Camp NaNoWriMo and despite being behind my average for 96% of the time, caught up and exceeded the 50K late Monday night!
The grand total word count (let’s hope I can validate it) is
53,920 words! I think the Validation counted Chapter headings or something else too because my final stats were posted as 54,089
How great is that? I am swinging from the rooftops with happiness over this major accomplishment and generally forgetting what day it is!

I also signed up for an Online Writing Course with a University, it started on 22nd, I joined on 28th and my 1st assignment was due 29th! Nothing like living on the writing edge! I managed it and made the submission. I am sure the next one will be harder. Have had a quick look at material, sent last night. Hoping to make a start on it today, if I am still awake, have some meetings and then Mr G and I are allotment bound after work in the evening.

I went to see Redcrosse perform last Wednesday in the City (only got lost once), traffic was a nightmare after work getting there, which is a worry because in a fortnight I start my real life writing course in the city.

I decided 2013 should be my training year (formal) as I haven’t really had any since the 90’s and so much has changed in the world of publishing and commercial tastes, writing itself remains much the same, there is no harm in a refresher though! (I have spent the annual budget I set aside for such things already) hope to plug the rest of the gaps through free online courses.

Today also sees the rounding up the month messages. I may review the month of April over the weekend, so ignore construction threads if you find any.

My week was mainly
Work – friends – allotments – food – sleep – reading – writing- Camp NaNo and NaPo – manuscripts – watching films – making plans with Mr G. – feeling exhausted and drained and a lot of forgetting what day it was!