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Remembrance Anthology


Poems for Remembrance Sunday – Remembrance Anthology.

Poet Laureate


Letters from the Great War

Dunham Massey 2014

Mother, we have plenty of good food here
was his first lie, though parcels came sometimes
with cake, fags, dry socks.

I hope I will get leave soon, so I can
come and meet our daughter for the first time,
wrote the officer when leave was withdrawn.

I am not afraid, mum, not with all my mates
going over the top with me in the morning.
He was killed soon after, his body never found.

We sing songs in our trench every night, dad.
Glad I took my mouth organ like you said.
It keeps our spirits up a treat.

I could not be in a better place, darling,
wrote the officer from hospital, keeping
the amputation quiet for now.

These letters displayed a hundred years on,
as fresh as when first scratched out in ink,
still lie to readers, as we…

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Poet’s For Peace – Remembrance Sunday


I am honoured to be able to mark this Remembrance Sunday with Poetry and words. After all the processions and services this morning a group of poet’s and hopefully some audience are meeting at the Ort Café to perform poetry about peace, for peace.

1 birm ort1



It was a fantastic relaxed event and I even managed to buy one of the white Peace Poppies (pictured), I had only written 4 poems for this event, all of them have been created from the PAD challenge this month. There was time to read more so I logged onto the blog and found a suitable challenge poem I wrote for Picture it and Write and adapted another challenge poem to centre around an injured soldier instead of a youth in angst and pain.

Of course the real message is the promotion of peace, and in a small corner of the world, we managed that today, through our words and the words of the Great War Poets.

Peace be with you all x

Lest We Forget – Remembrance


fs poppy

For all those who fell on blooded fields,

We remember.


For those lives given to save our own,

We remember.


For the boys who return men,

We remember.


For those who fought for our freedom,

We remember.


In stone,

In petals,

In prayer.

We remember.

poppy 2 REMEMBRANCE DAY 2013