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Day 9 – Nanowrimo – Writing Marathon… On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!


The Marathon is TODAY!


Every year during the month of NaNoWriMo the good people of the Office of Letters and Light (Nano headquarters) organise a marathon! They are great fun to take part in and are also a good fundraiser for the site itself as people donate or pledge money on this day in relation to how much they manage to write.

I don’t know of any hard core wrimos who sit through the whole 8 hours (and I have been asleep for most of them!) I am sure if I surfed the net I would find some of the 200,000 + participants preparing for a whole day at the typeface. Just an hour or two is acceptable though! nano_12_new_Come_Write_In_Logo1

It is also a great day to hook up with your regional group and write through the marathon itself together as a collective of wrimos. I am a bit gutted because in a city not too far from here my regional group are doing just that today. I am unable to go as I have so much to do and the 2 hour travel is time I need to spend on doing things today.

I do hope to meet up at the regional headquarters and write with the others before the end of Nano – but next weekend I am in Oxford and the weekend after that is my Gran’s very special and BIG 90th Party celebrations. So I am not sure I will make it to the Coffee Lounge this year. However, I plan on Nano being part of my annual writing plan so maybe next year I can make the meets and some of their warm up pre-Nano meets too. coffee lounge 8

Here’s some information from the email NaNo sent to all WriMos about this year’s marathon;

No time for reading… Must write!

The short version: Join us on Saturday, November 9 for day-long noveling madness in person and online, and donate to help us reach our $50K goal. Keep NaNoWriMo running the course for years to come!

All the glory of a traditional marathon, none of that pesky training. Just you, your novel, and a deep and abiding love of helping others discover the joy of writing.


NaNoWriMo-General-FlyerNaNoWriMo’s 2013 Writing Marathon + Donation Day

On Saturday, November 9, 2013, Wrimos around the world will gather virtually and in-person for an all-day NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon.

No word count will be left behind.

Join us!

Spend a day marathon noveling (Marathoveling? Novelthoning?) at in-person events hosted in your local region, and virtually on Twitter and YouTube.

(Check your regional forum to see if your Municipal Liaison already has something planned, and let us know if it’s not already on our local events page!)

Can’t make it out to an in-person event? We’ll be livestreaming from NaNo HQ throughout the day, and you can also join in virtually in the official Marathon forum and join the #NaNoThon on Twitter for updates, challenges, and giveaways.

Wherever you choose to write, your commitment will be the same: to spend as much of the day noveling as physically possible.

Imagination Rain.eps

I’m on the starters block…. are you?