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The Power of Advertising… and the Price!


I have been happily researching this morning, at first in a sunny garden and later when the dark clouds appeared, indoors. Switching from offline to online has not made me any less productive (as I am avoiding the inbox!) however, I was busy using a website and writing copious notes in my writing notebook when my eyes drifted down the page!

This is bound to cost you – so don’t be enticed unwittingly! Keep your eyes on the work part of the page, unlike me. I got dragged over to Amazon with a cracking promise of a 1p book. Of course the postage and packaging always gets you on these deals. I haven’t bought any books this year and there is one I have found out about since blogging that I have been promising myself I would buy. Inevitably my 1p shop led to the purchase of 2 other titles and before I knew it I have spent a couple of hours wages (and I haven’t started earning yet!) on 3 books.


They are an investment in my writing self though, and cheaper than workshops. Off to repeat the ‘money will flow’ mantra to myself as I hide my credit card!

Still I now have the excitement of waiting for parcels in the post and then actually using these manuals to get somewhere.

All in the name of creativity – my spirit may be free – but life isn’t.


Amazingly I discovered this publication earlier today whilst researching. Then I discovered this post on Kristen Lamb’s blog. i love how the universe sends crystal clear messages to us sometimes. This post is a great read, you can order the book on Amazon.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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Happy Friday! We have a real treat. Becca Puglisi is here to give tips to take your writing to a whole new level. All writers struggle, especially when trying to convey emotion. It’s easy to beat the same words until they bleed and WE cry. This is one of the reasons that The Emotion Thesaurus is a must-have reference for writers. Becca and Angela took the time to put together one of the most innovative and valuable writing tools I’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have Becca here today!

Take it away, Becca!


I considered writing today about that one thing you need to write a truly great story that the reader can’t put down. But we all know that there isn’t just one thing. Voice? Plot? Characterization? Motivation? Sure. All of the above. But since I’ve seen roughly a gajillion blog posts that cover these topics, I’d…

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