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TOP TIPS for Freelancing



Today I am mainly enjoying a good book in a sunny garden, I popped into Blogland and thought it only fair to leave you with something!


This advice is aimed at the freelance writer, specifically article writing, you may find that some of the tips could be useful for other projects and of course, it’s worth a read no matter what sort of writer you are!

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1. The Personal Touch 

When addressing people by email or letter KNOW their names, with Google (and other search engines) this has become increasingly easier to find out, a quick call to the office asking for the name of the editor will do no harm.

2. Size Matters

Remember small press magazines and e-zines may not have the budget to pay as much as national papers and larger magazine companies, however they can be a good way in.

3. Reveal Yourself

Have a marketing plan in place, you need to spread the word that you can offer results on a freelance basis. This may be as simple as a website where you advertise your services, or a pack of business cards that you have on you (at all times!) the world is a networking platform, don’t just pack them when you are at ‘Writing’ functions. How much social media will you marketing plan involve?

4. Wicked Webs We Weave

How will you build your website? Who will you get to build your website? Keep in mind the experience the users of your website are going to have. Use expertise if you can. You want it to look professional and be easy to use.

5. Work It!

Plan, plan, plan! Planning is the easy bit, most writers love to plan. Next you have to DO.

An easy way to take action and make sure it happens is to set yourself small daily goals. Set a target action on a calendar. Make sure you are doing something EVERYDAY to work towards your goal. This will also support you in optimising your ‘social network/promotion’ time on certain sites – you know the ones I’m talking about! ‘Oh my, it’s 3 and I have to pick the kids up, it was lunchtime when I logged on!’

A calendar will enable you to have a structured approach and when life gets in the way – forgive yourself and doodle an arrow into the next day and work doubly as hard to promote yourself. You will know which days you are researching, which days you are actively seeking opportunities for work, when you have time to blog and promote your services and celebrate your successes.

If you have problems with all the marketing – that is the stage that you may consider bringing someone in (maybe another ‘out of work writer’ to help you with the marketing. Collaboration is such a sparkly key to success!

6. Starting Points

Make a list of your expertise. Which fields are you able to write about, what are you a specialist in? Then research these markets, find opportunities available for your skills. This may lead to a fruitful column or at least some published articles.

I read an article about someone who re-launched her writing career in January. She was an expert in Horticulture. Researching, she found some specialist publications and submitted ideas for articles. She had an article successfully published and this lead to a regular feature, she is already making a regular fee from this freelance work.

Proof it can be done! motivate action

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I have been offline writing, I now have a new submission ready to send! It is also Mr. G’s* birthday!

I hope to update the blog with a few posts before the weekend – this has been a mad (busy) week.

Please take part in our 1st writing challenge – you have a couple of weeks left.



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