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Early Bird Vs Night Owl


Naturally I have always been a night owl. I am trying to train myself (in light of being on call early) to get to grips with morning routines. I have been up for 3.5 hours, I have read about writing, written, completed some chores in between, taken business calls and had breakfast. My mind is in so many places that I am going to complete all the chores now, however long it takes. I can write away this evening knowing I have had a productive day.

I have also been thinking long and hard about having all my fingers in all the pies (writing cross genre) and I do believe that I need to concentrate on one form. This is professional advice that seems to make sense to me.

We are all naturally good at or drawn towards one genre in particular. Mine has the smallest market and least financial reward. But in itself IS the place I am meant to be or at least start. I can always use pen names and branch out.

This month’s action plan is the last one I look for opportunities beyond my form. Unless something spectacular lands in my path along with all the ideas to complete it!

First step out of learning and into doing….

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