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Daily Post – I Am a Rock


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Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

I am useless at recognising the point I need to ask for help. I do ask, in the end, but often I could have avoided a lot of stress and worry if I had asked for help sooner.

I am often the one others come to for a shoulder to cry on or to share a problem.

I know that I cannot rely purely on myself – I need support and encouragement. Without it I allow worry and concern to take over and that zaps me of all the strength I needed to tackle the problem in the first place!

New_Zealand_-_crop No Man is an Island


Daily Post – My Chosen Cause


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If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

This is a thought provoker – because it has made me realise that the charities I give to and the causes I support are not necessarily the ones that I would get behind if I had a chance to be involved.

Many years ago I belonged to a Youth Theatre, we were responsible for organising a charity event (being ambitious 15 – 18 year olds) we tried to get U2 involved and in fairness to them the response we got if it we had asked over a year in advance they would have been involved. In the end it was a much more local event with bands from the town and our sketches and fundraising in between.

We researched homelessness by taking action, working with homeless people in a day centre and talking to homeless about their experiences of being on the streets and the back stories are wide and varied. It was an experience that I will not forget. I think if I had time to throw myself into a cause I would choose to help the homeless.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Change


This is a change – a big (decade birthday) when I felt more about the challenges of time passing than the Birthday Boy.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unique



Clouds are amazing, unique and interpreted by the individual, you see what you want to see. Most people can see the dog across the moon in this one.

430068_2941804619600_141965226_n © 2013 L. Norrie