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Sunday rolls around all too quickly, can’t believe how fast the weekends pass! This is my entry for this week’s Picture It & Write challenge – click the contributors button to find out what it’s all about and read other amazing stories and poems.

woman reading by a lake

Veronica had dreamed of this moment her whole life. She had drawn her day in crayons, later in names on the back of pencil cases, in the bark of the mighty oak down by the school’s pond, in the sand with her toes, in the air with Sparklers on Bonfire Night. Throughout her whole life, the story was traced and wished for.

Veronica had watched her friends living her dream, her younger sister and countless work colleagues, until she became the only ‘Miss’. It troubled her, she was worried she was destined for Spinsterhood. It ran in her family.

When Andy had suggested a trip to the lake she hadn’t even considered his motives. She wondered what the extra bag was for. He had asked her last night as they sat watching the sunset, wrapped in blankets. In her dreams she said ‘Yes!’ straight away but in reality she couldn’t manage a word.

Andy had gone into town to pick up supplies. He had kissed her so tenderly when she woke up. Veronica had been full of blissful excitement, rolling over and staring at the diamond sparkling on her finger.

“I knew you’d bring your outdoor stuff here so I took the liberty of packing your stunning clothes, in case you want to sparkle like your diamond. Of course, feel free to stay as you are!” he added cheekily, kissing her bare shoulders softly.

Veronica chose her favourite little black dress and red shoes, applied her make up carefully and took her book down to the waters edge to read and wait for Andy to come home.

It was a beautiful day, she slipped into the lives of the women in the novel, her mind being invaded all the time with the proposal. Veronica lost all concept of time. Back in the cabin the radio talked to itself. Veronica remained oblivious to the newsflash, she had no idea of the gas explosion, staring at the sunlight dancing off her diamond and feeling happier than she had ever been in all her life.


Picture it & Write- One Hope



You Need More Than This by *tntrekabulator



“Anaka, I can’t hold it steady!”

“Here, try this.” struggled Anaka, twisting her free hand into the small of her back and pulling out a shiny Grappler. She threw it as best she could over to Moey, her right side was beginning to feel the tide of stiffness creeping over it too. The grappler skimmed across the floor and landed close enough to Moey’s feet for him to reach down and grab it without upsetting the canister of pills.

‘Attach it, quick!’ Anaka thought.

It wasn’t the easiest manoeuvre and Moey was struggling. Concentrating hard on not dropping the pills, he held the canister downward between his twisted fingers. The Grappler shone like a metallic sneer in his left hand, he tossed it gently into the air to twist it the right way round. It landed in the palm of his hand and like a master chef presenting a dish from the oven, he turned it upside down in one swift movement and let out an incredible cry of pain.

“Aaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh.”

Ananka panicked she didn’t want anyone to know they were here, Moey was making too much noise.

‘Wimp, you should try childbirth!’ she concentrated her mind on this thought, hoping the joke might take his mind off the pain and back to the situation in hand. It worked this time, Moey turned towards her,

“Shut up and open your mouth as wide as you can.”

Anaka’s face was already beginning to set, her cheeks felt stiff, the pain of opening her lips was almost unbearable, worst than childbirth, she thought. Not daring to make any more noise she tried to focus her mind.

Seeing the struggle behind her still human eyes, Moey leant in as closer.

“Come on! You can do this!” he whispered, “Do it for Lex and the others.” he had to resist all urges to reach out and grab her hand. “Come on!”

Slowly they both heard her face crack and crease as a small hole appeared between her lips. Moey moved his arm and tilted the pill canister until a stream of golden tablets were showering out, slipping quickly into Ananka’s mouth. Some of them were at least.

The canister was empty.

Moey held his breath and waited.


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Picture It & Write – Baby Vision



Sunday rolls around and it is time for me to create another story by prompt. This is great fun, to find out more click the contributor button.


I was searching for copyright free images for my blog last night and I came across the one I use at the end of my story, it is only a baby shower cake, so if you are following please don’t think of me as a monster and leave on account of this post. I thought it was weird and not something I would add to my media library, after seeing this week’s prompt I went back to find the photo – as the coincidence seemed to be too strong to ignore and I instantly recalled the image when I saw this week’s picture!

baby and fruit loops

Charlotte always wanted to be a mum, from the age of 11 she felt her maternal instincts click in, she didn’t understand other women in their thirties that still showed no sign of desiring a child. The others (practically all of her friends) were married off and producing families of their own. Charlotte couldn’t help but feel duped. She had an early start at being a girlfriend, years before her peers. Close to double figures before she even started High School. Then what happened? She blames herself for all her bad choices.

The blame eats her up on a daily basis and turns even the most positive situations into another gauntlet of horror for her to struggle her way through!

Last year Charlotte met Sean at a Summer Garden Party, she wasn’t sure he was the one to begin with, but they both worked hard to make the relationship stronger, neither of them was getting younger and although Sean could do a ‘Charlie Chaplin’, Charlotte was seriously racing against the clock, approaching her 40th year.

Sean had recently started talking about making babies, it had taken Charlotte by surprise as he vehemently refused to even conceive a marriage proposal, still you weren’t deemed a harlot for getting pregnant out-of-wedlock nowadays. She had started ordering vitamin and iron tablets and took them daily, laughing at the irony of spending decades popping the pill and praying desperately on occasion that she wasn’t pregnant.

They had started trying a few months ago, they were becoming increasingly worried that they would need help. This week Charlotte had seen babies everywhere. In the library whilst she was desperate to study quietly, on the bus to work everyday, they never used to be many mothers on the commuting bus, not with their children at least. On billboards, adverts on the TV, in her magazines.

On her lunch break she was searching through a stock free photo site and she came across an image that turned her stomach, she literally felt her stomach shift inside her, it gave a whole new meaning to having a bun in an oven. Hideous she thought, who would order that for a Baby Shower?


Charlotte entered the board room and settled down for the afternoon marketing meeting, she couldn’t wait to write a new slogan, work on a new project, take her mind off what her and Sean were trying to achieve. Charles revealed the first image, Charlotte couldn’t believe her eyes, babies and cereal?

baby and fruit loops

Charlotte felt another bubbling lurch in her stomach, she made a run for the restroom. It seemed the universe was sending her more than just messages!

Picture It & Write – Treading Water


Sunday rolls around again and it is with excitement (to write something non-Nano) that I pick up the prompt from ermiliablog. Enjoy!



Oceans cool my body

as I submerge my skin

deeper in,

deeper in.

My eyes stare at  clouds

dancing on the edge of

an infinite horizon,

My mind has already travelled home.


In stillness, my body welcomes

the water lapping to and from my being.

I know one day these same waters

Will bring me home to you.

You who may not be waiting

for time

or tide

or man.


Picture it & Write – Grandma


Girl with a Back Tattoo

Tara stared at her reflection in her Grandma’s silver mirror.  She had managed to start dressing but somehow the whole routine had become an ordeal before she reached her wardrobe. Sitting down on her bed she cried, wondering why this world had to be so cruel.

As a child Tara had stayed with her Grandparents often at Pembroke House. She had fond memories of those times despite her grandparent’s strictness and the stuffy scent of mothballs. Pembroke House had large gardens and Tara was made to feel so at home there that she was able to forget her parents were, once again, abroad.

Her Grandmother was the old fashioned sort and she never understood why Tara had ruined her beautiful figure with tattoos. Tara stared at her reflection, not a piece of artwork in sight. ‘See Grandma’ she said, ‘I can cover them all up, make myself look normal.’ But she felt she would never be normal again. The edge of the world was slipping away from her, numb to it all, Tara felt empty on the inside. She let her tears fall and nurture her uncleansed skin.

Her mother knocked softly on the door, ‘Tara, are you ready?’

The door to reality was opened up at the sound of concern in her mother’s voice, she wiped her tears off her cheeks and placed the mirror gently on the bedcovers. Slowly she stood up and made her way on bambi legs to the wardrobe. ‘Nearly done Mum’ she called, her voice breaking slightly as she reached for the hanger with the black velvet dress on.


Picture It & Write – Blind Date


pictureitandwrite2copy-12 Click here to link back to Ermiliablog & have a go at this writing challenge yourselves!

Zoe picked up the small card that had been pushed through the letterbox, she turned it over and squinted in the gloomy light. ‘Singles Speed Dating’ she could make that out as it was ten times bigger than the font used for the rest of the invite. Zoe made her way to the kitchen to put the kettle on and read the rest of the card. It was on Friday, Emma had said she wanted to do something over the weekend, would this do? She checked the time on the oven clock, 10:16, she’d be working. Zoe fished around in her handbag for her mobile, then slung it over the back of the kitchen chair. She text Emma as she made her first cup of the day.

Emma text her back later confirming Friday, it was silly but Zoe felt a bit of a flutter, then she exhaled and thought about Friday. The venue may well be The Hilton, the locals would be the people to attend surely. They are the same whether you stick them into a posh establishment or not, in fact two minutes would be far too long with some of them.

Zoe spent several days wondering what she would say, how could she explain her existence and needs to random strangers in under two minutes, it took her longer to drink a Gin & Tonic! She called her mother and some of her close friends, she wanted a male prospective on the whole mission and called her brother, it took him a while to stop laughing and when he realised she was serious he imparted some helpful tips.

Then came the real test, not the event itself but the wardrobe. Zoe looked down at herself and for the first time in months was happy she hadn’t managed to shift the Holiday weight, it meant at least half her clothes wouldn’t even make it to the flung on the bed pile. Recalling help from her phone Samaritans she muttered the mantra ‘not too short, don’t show too much cleavage, not desperately seeking sequins’… Zoe shortlisted four dresses and pulled the hangers out. ‘I hope people will dress up and I won’t be the only person not in jeans’ she thought to herself. She grabbed the phone and called Emma to make sure she wasn’t wearing any leisure items. Emma convinced Zoe that at these events everyone dresses as if they are there for a New Year Party on the QE2 and besides, it was The Hilton.

The taxi had only just dropped her off and already Zoe felt sick, she clung onto Emma as they ordered their first complimentary drinks at the bar, she had already had half a bottle of wine getting ready. Her head was spinning, she ordered champagne anyway, well it was free!

The night got off to a swift start and every now and then Zoe glanced across at Emma, who seemed to be having a great time. Zoe wasn’t really committed, she didn’t like the look of any of the Speed dates and had found it difficult not to drift off into her fantasy land within the two minutes.

Zoe forced such a level of concentration, pretending she was into them, nodding and making sounds, responding to friendly questions, fooling the men into thinking she was interested. She even pinched the top of her leg to stay present in the moment. She worked so hard at being the perfect speed date, she never noticed the way the Italian Bar Manager was looking at her.

How he wished for just two minutes to change her life forever, if only she hadn’t started drinking the water served on each of the Speed Date tables.