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Accepted Twice in One Week!


These things take time… I know this. I have given myself 16 years and I am only 15 months in, really just 6 months into the poetry journey. I know people and have read about others who have found success much quicker and those who have already spent decades searching…

You reap what you sow… and I am beginning to – do something enough times and at some point you are bound to be successful!

At the end of February I was battling against deadlines that I had left too late. One of my missions was to write a poem for Wenlock’s Poetry Trail. I got my email into Paul Francis minutes before the deadline. Once again writing to a specific criteria was a challenge – my main barriers were geographical/ retail knowledge of the area and the 20 line restriction. My poetry tends to be short, but most poems are over 20 lines.
Each of the selected poems are displayed in the shop windows.

I hadn’t forgotten about this submission, I had no idea how long it would take for the results and have had such a busy week with work and gigs that I haven’t had much time to log in and sift through emails.

Tonight after blogging about all the recent activity I thought that I should check for acceptances and rejections in the inbox and to my delight I found the good news. Two emails actually. One (6th March) accepting my work into the poetry trail and another sent today confirming an extra request.
The proprietor of the shop in which the poem is displayed –Crofts – the Ecclesiastical Outfitters, liked my work so much he has requested permission to publish it on his website and Twittersphere.

wenlock Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April 2014 wenlock1