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St. George’s Day – Have a Happy One!


They even sell St George’s Day cards in the shops now! It isn’t generally celebrated as much as we join in St. Patrick’s Day. With countries so closely connected I think a lot of us have British Heritage rather than 100% English (We have to leave that to cheese and such things)!

Still there are always local places where you can celebrate this special day and raise a toast to the Patron Saint of England.

st george






I guess one of the problems is it isn’t a public holiday – people are at work.

Just as we share St. George as a Patron Saint with other countries, he has to share his special day with some other BIG figures of history.

It is also William Shakespeare’s birthday and World Book Night!



H A P P Y    S T . G E O R G E ‘ S    D A Y !










Most bloggers are obsessed by stats when they first start blogging, I know I looked at mine daily in the early days. About six months in I found another well established blog (6 years) that had a post about statistics – which I was obviously interested in reading and I took heart when she showed us the first 6 month stats – they were lower than mine! She regularly has 400+ views/likes on posts and her statistics are very healthy with over 1000 followers to boot.

Well today I logged in to leave a post and saw an icon I hadn’t seen for about six months… that little message WP leave you to tell you your stats are BOOMING!

A spike in your stats

My highest ever to this point in a day has been 165 views and that was a reading close to the end of the day. How by 11am could I have managed over 170? I couldn’t wait to find out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014frugal cafe creative commons champers

Views: 176


I had thought about my stats this week, for the first time in a long while. They have dipped and I worried that just writing reviews about events I attend isn’t enough for you readers, I wish I had time to write lots more articles about writing (as they seem the most popular) and I dream of time to get out to other blogs and have a read and join in some of the challenges I have previously loved.

So what caused this spike? bestday-follows-2xAt the weekend I finally created a Facebook page for me the poet and it is mostly links back to this blog to the reviews of performances, I guessed it was that. 71 people have joined the page.

Feel free My Facebook Page

So who do I have to thank for this spike? What day is it here in England? YES! St. George has pulled the punters in from last year’s post – so now I feel I must make a new post for 2014!

Thank you, Dragon slaying George for boosting my stats with your armour and glistening shield! I wish it was something I wrote, or re-blogged or did – but it is nice to know the Patron Saint of my land is sought after today!