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I am in Love… with my NEW Life!


Oh my goodness, I am so happy. Everything is falling into place.

I have so many blog posts to write tonight… I still need to tell you all about the Margaret Silf seminar, my wonderful Sunday at the Literature Festival including chats with Roger McGough and Jo Bell, amongst others. New discoveries I have made (in the world of writing) -I am not going to bore you with my new discovery of how choc-ca-block the main roads are before 8a.m, or how much my ankles hurt after being on my feet all day! New purchases (or treats) I have made … buying those glossy magazines really broke the spending seal on my purse. 😉

I have been booked for three days work this week – and due to the heavy traffic (not mentioned as a new discovery above) I made it to work by the skin of my contractual time teeth! Only to discover that they had already covered my position… no fear, there are always options in these situations… and my reward…. I have spent the whole day in Nursery with 3 and 4 year olds, hence the aching ankles (also not mentioned as an new discovery) making yourself 2 feet tall by stooping down all day is no mean feat – and due to my Lit Fest knee injury (acquired when I fell over after the launch) I found using my knees a painful experience. I learnt many moons ago wincing in front of little children is not a good idea and tends to send them into panicked concern.

I had a lovely day (even if I have only just got rid of the pink paint!) and they wanted me back tomorrow – I would have loved that, but Tuesday’s are already covered by my 1 day a week part time position. Spending a second day with Nursery would have been amazing. Especially as now I have discovered a back road route and I know all of their names. Never-mind, some time in the future perhaps.

I got home to find that Mr G had bought 2 more beautiful flowering plants for the garden (my memory of Latin is no good – so I will have to check the labels and add the names in!) He spent all afternoon sorting out the big porcelain sinks we have for bedding plants yesterday whilst I was enjoying myself with words and poets and radio recordings. Tonight we spent an hour planting more bulbs and shrubs, It will look amazing when it all flowers in the spring – can’t wait to share photos.

Here is one of the pots of compost and bulbs. (upload to come)

Tonight I have an A5 list (yes I have reverted back to paper) of things I have to do – including getting activities ready for tomorrow and parking/ directions for the evening (next instalment of the Lit Fest, a book launch at the gallery.) So I am now going to go and do as much as I can and hope to have time to add all those exciting posts before bed.

How has your Monday been?

Snow Problem (Not that an Englishman’s favourite conversation is the weather!)


Really busy today, lots of pebbles, sand and water in the jar. The fountain is intended as my writing blog, but as I haven’t done any YET today, I am happy to ramble. Hope you’re happy to read!

Firstly the weather:
If you are this side of the pond you will not need to be told that the whole place is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Still we go to work – car wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. No ice by 11a.m… speaking of Ice I nearly did a good deed this morning (the Girl Guide inside never dies!)
There was a man parked out the front of my apartment trying his best to remove at least a foot of snow off his bonnet with NO GLOVES! Naked hands people! (No coat either.) Every attempt left him holding onto his wrist in agony and shaking his hand wildly like a wet fish, it was like watching myself trying to mend something technical, he repeated the same mistake three times.

I was going to call down and offer a dustpan… he got in his car and turned the windscreen wipers on – ICE!

I went away to get up thinking, who drives a car without an ice-scraper in the winter???

When I checked back in, he was warm and toasty in the car and his windows and sun roof were all snow free.
Heated window car people – they are the ones who drive around in winter without an ice scraper!

I was kind of glad I didn’t offer my dustpan.

Once I was finally up (trying to find paperwork for solicitors took an hour) I need to get more organised (TIPS PLEASE!) I went off in the snow to meet up with Patrick – Family over from USA, a fun morning then followed by work!

Now hot footing it to estate agents and eventually at some point tonight I hope to write.