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Oh, Oh, Ohio State University!


Oh my! I have been up for over 2 hours (just before 6 AM) desperately trying to complete 2 course quiz assignments before the deadline of 7 AM…
I attempted them last night but in the end (yes, you guessed it!) fell asleep at/on the laptop!
So here is my story for Friday – already and the day has just begun!imagesCANYEEWS

Ohio State University Online Course – Rhetorical Composition II

The good thing is the tutors realised after high voltage forum posts in week 2 that they would have to amend the schedule of the course. Most people work full time and couldn’t find the time to meet the deadlines. It does take several hours to sift through the initial academic jargon and get to the point of each challenge. (Despite videos, print resources, links etc.)

Another positive if they have Google hangouts and the tutors communicate fairly well with the 2000 virtual students they have enrolled!

I spent over an hour this morning completing the research and activities in preparation for a 10 question pop quiz. (These interim activities count towards course credit and have to be done.) The deadline (so I thought) was 7 AM, logging on at 6AM I spot a 14:00 deadline and once I had FINALLY submitted my paper it registered it as being sent last night!

So in theory rather than having to go back to bed now (and on very little sleep, I do!) I could have gone to bed at a sensible time and woken as normal and still completed this before work!

The 2nd quiz was easier as I knew more about the subject matter – and whilst I was still ‘in the zone’ I have completed the 3rd quiz (due on the 14th) because I don’t want another 6AM alarm call to meet a deadline!dl



The GOOD NEWS is last night before I fell asleep I finally managed to get to grips with the initial forum post suggesting my research topic (as helped to be chosen by you!)

I will post that with links to the Online Course posts before I go back to bed!

And breathe…

(Now I know why I haven’t gone to uni since the 90’s! The brain gets old quick!)

I learnt ONE cool thing in the entire scholarly morning and I will share this fab website with you in my next Oh, Oh, Ohio State Uni Post!