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NaPoWriMo Round Up Week 1 2019



I am not sure in what world I thought I would have completed Sunday’s NaPo before this Round Up was scheduled… I will be back in a short while to post Day 7. (I have just finished Day 6. It was a slow burner but I am fully satisfied with the result.)

It is at this Week 1 stage of NaPo that your poems will become more rounded, more instant and you may start to find ones that you want to improve and share.

Congratulations! You have survived a week of writing poems and everything is still okay.

Keep going.

This week I have written  poems:

We Only Go There for Meatballs

A Box Within a Box


Forty Conversations

Me as Lovatar (from pre-NaPo prompt)



Learning – a Villanelle

If Only Melancholy Had a Release Valve



I have discovered new (to me) poets and watched a German rendition of Sonnet 66. I have collected inspiration for the future including:

Working with Sonnet 66 -Shakespeare

Answering Questions/playing with questions

Lots of researching/harvested video footage



If, like me, you are saving poem files daily now might be a good time to copy and paste them into one file. Believe me, you will glad you have at the end of 30 days of writing poems.



I am lucky that I have the time to invest in getting creative. Remember even if you are working full-time and I was the first year, try short form poetry. I am not suggesting it is easier to write, I know it is not but it will take less time as we are leaving the editing process until after the NaPoWriMo experience.