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2014 January – The Review


A fabulous start to the New Year – it is hard to believe that January is already over!

Here is a brief review of what happened, I will update the Write Year page to start tracking 2014 too!

JANUARY hny london

  • Blogging

The blog gained¬†34 followers, currently 609 (it was 605 at the end of January though). I appreciate all of the follows and for those of you who take an interest in the blog. I talk to myself enough in reality, without starting it virtually as well! ūüėČ

  • Projects

I took up two writing projects this month;

Jo Bell’s 52 – which you can join up for and/or dip into throughout the year. Many people I know have now¬†taken¬†up¬†the challenge based on the great things they have heard.

Fancy writing 48 poems this year? Get involved HERE

And over on Write Our way Home I participated in Mindful Stones, for January. Gathering stones of thoughts every day for a month. HERE

  • Submissions

I made 3 submissions;

Writing Magazine Poetry Competition

Popshots Magazine Journey Poems (rejected)

Button Tapper Haiku for Cat Lovers.

  • Writing

I have produced lots of new poems this month, the folder is filling up well. I missed deadlines for any prose writing, although I did edit a flash for The Worcester Litfest Book Launch, where I read my Flash Fiction, despite not being in the book. It was put together before I started writing again. I shall look out for this competition again this year.

  • Performing Poetry

I have really slammed the circuit this month – still missed a few due to clashing dates or tiredness. (I have already taken my foot off the pedal a little in February – as I need time to write and submit work, plus I don’t want to burn out.) 10 this month + events.

Poetry for Lunch – Birmingham

NY Open Mic with Uncharacteristic Largesse – Shrewsbury

Buzzwords – Cheltenham

Speakeasy Worcester (where I was referred to as a ‘mini-headliner’! Been gushing off that one ever since!)

Mouth & Music – Kidderminster

Poetry for Lunch – Birmingham

The Poetry Lounge in The Sitting Room – Ludlow

Unity in the Community – Wednesbury

Drummonds 42 – Worcester

KAF Creatives Re-Launch -Kidderminster

  • Events

Stanza Poetry Society Meeting.

Book Launch – Flash Fiction Anthology – where I was lucky enough to perform a new 300 word Flash fiction.

  • A Writing Life

Successful application and meeting for Assistant Writer’s job, starting in February.

I have met more wonderful people and I feel blessed. Moving in the right direction!


Performing Poetry and Pyjamas


This evening I had planned to perform poetry at an Open Mic event in Stratford. after a long, hard day at work and with another 2 events on there way, I decided to give it a miss. Swapping performing poetry for sitting in pyjamas and writing some (at 6pm this evening), it is now 4 hours later and I have no idea where that time has gone! I had to do half an hour of paperwork, I cooked tea and ate it as Mr G the whole kitchen before I was even home from work. and I have caught up with the Mindful Stones writing and posting across blogs and social media… I guess then I should have switched Facebook off…. I was mainly on there to¬†read gig information, but may have scrolled and replied to a few posts along the way!

Tomorrow I am booked for an 8 minute set and I have another set on Wednesday for 5 minutes, I need to sort out poetry for these events. I hoped to write new material this evening, but I am cutting it fine with bedtime!

It is all about balance – and that’s the lesson I need to learn for 2014!

sitting room