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FWF – Bind


A beautiful prompt of choice this week from Kellie Elmore’s blog. Very touching photos on Tom Clark’s blog – Photos by Matt Black (2011).


There were so many ideas in my mind from many of the images. This one stung me more than the others, so it became my FWF prompt for this week.

Photo by Matt Black - The Dispossession - A couple outside their shanty

A couple outside their shanty, Fresno, California: photo by Matt Black, 2011

(Matt Black Photography)

The anxiety of future leaves them, the pain of hunger, bitter anger over their past and those who benefited from their downfall. Lingering memories of how life used to be, slowly seep away. The shanty town fades to black and grey, just a place. Like any other.

It could all turn around. That was their waking hope. That it could get better. Heal like a rotten wound. Painful process, a long and drawn out surgery to correct the disfigurement of their life. Worth it in the end to look at themselves and not recognise the darkness once born by every muscle in their bodies.

Here, on the floor, a couple of beat up sofa cushions they were able to escape. The heat wrapping them in warmth, their limbs encasing each other with love. Staying connected through entwined fingers, they drift into a world where the makeshift shelter disappears. The strength of their love binds them to a new home. One with windows and doors. They turn it all around, they know all too well life’s too short to not create adventures.

Inside their love they are safe and warm. In their hearts they have discovered a richness beyond bank notes. In their sleep they have escaped poverty and ruin. They know they have to wake up sometime, when they do they will still have each other.

The World is your Oyster – it’s true but who needs Oysters when you can find the world in love.