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Sunday Success


I’ve written over 1,250 words on the manuscript and set to work on 3 short pieces of writing. One is just a synopsis, the others are taking shape.

It has snowed all day but not heavily, it’s melting snow more than sticking. Unless it changes overnight I will have work tomorrow, the next few hours on the laptop will be working not writing.

It feels better when I’m writing. I feel good. Time disappears. I write in stretches over an hour or 20 minute slots. I don’t feel rushed or pressured, I think without anxiety, an instinctive me takes control.

Me, the writer is also going to spend the rest of the evening filling the jar with sand & water, packing boxes and de-junking! Maybe I can turn it into a manual someday! It will be my 17th move and my last! (For many years at least!)