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Back in the Fountain – On writing and Catching Up


I am home from work early and for the 1st time in over a fortnight I have time to write! Back in my poetry skin, trying to find a level balance for my soul. I am trying to produce new work for Friday night and sort out my open mic material for next week, as well as checking all the missing links from my writing action plan after not being online!

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Due to the laptop mouse dying a death and Mr G having to order a new one (thanks for surplus money in the billing account!) I have fallen way behind on posts.

October has been a truly active month for me – maybe the most active so far. I finally made it to a Literature Festival, performed open mic for the 1st time in 15years, booked two more open mics one for the end of October and one for November, wrote, attended workshops and bought more ‘Writing’ books and poetry books.


In addition my paperwork having finally been collated and paid for (took 4 weeks) I was able to start teaching on supply. For what is commonly called the ‘dead’ term, where work is scarce I have done okay by one of the agencies. I managed to get a PPA role that secures 4 days a month, this guarantees mortgage payments and in addition to these days I have managed 1- 3 more a week on top. This month I will have made the same as I made in the part time position I had before the summer, which kept me busy 5 days a week and over weekends too.

This is a great success and a weight off my mind.


I have got to grips with balancing this dual life of poet and teacher (note which comes first!) and I am loving the freedom, creativity, positivity I gain from this change I have risked making! Let’s hope it is always this good or better.

I am posting missing threads about the seminars, performances and experiences of recent weeks separately and then linking them back up here;

The Other Side of Chaos Seminar – Margaret Silf

Birmingham Literature Festival – Launch and Laureates

Birmingham Literature Festival – BBC Radio 4 Poetry Please

Birmingham Literature Festival – Art in the Heart Book Launch Ikon Gallery

Birmingham Literature Festival – Benjamin Zephaniah Film Screening To Do Wid’ Me

Birmingham Literature Festival – Postcard Poets

Birmingham Literature Festival – Jane Commane Workshop



Worcester Literature Festival WLF –

Birmingham Literature Festival –

Birmingham Literature Festival –

Have fun reading the catch up, it has ironically been one of the busiest periods this year and I couldn’t blog about it in real time as I had hoped!

It’s great to be back, splashing around in the fountain!

Library Blues


I have just 18 minutes of access on the PC this morning (that will give me a chance to get ready for work at least!) had to ask for help again, was trying to log onto the Visually impaired computer (it was the only one free)… I wear glasses and had my most recent eye test in December, should I worry that I missed the notice on the monitor, – Visually Impaired – Ask for assistance.

How dumb did I feel?! I have mananged to get an early start this morning, working on 2 short submissions due at the end of the month, I need to get them finished so I can sit on them for a few days before editing.
I am simultaneously trying to get ready for my trip. I have heard it is -20 C, I have never wished to have ski-ing clothes until now. We have had more snow, not where I am based – it is cold enough though. I wrapped up to come out into town and the coat only just fits over two layers… I was planning on wearing at least four! New thermal undies better work hard!

Plan of action for today is to concentrate on OFFLINE writing after work this evening. I should continue decluttering too, as I have had about a week off from that!

I have managed to read 1 book so far this month already, kind of a cheat as it is a Children’s book – Peter Pan – 1951 print version which belonged to my mum or aunty. I felt like I should wear gloves to read it. It is hardback and I did fall asleep a couple of times with it on my face. I recommend reading such books, think you’re too old for a dream about Fairies? Best night sleep I have had in a while.

I haven’t read it since I was a child.

Have a good day reading, writing and blogging