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Amy Rainbow’s Book Launch


The Book Launch was a fabulous night out, I seem to have lost my much loved -pre-Christmas-present-to-myself snood/ scarf though, which was a little upsetting when I realised. It wasn’t expensive and comes from the same store I need to collect my nephew’s birthday present from tomorrow though, I hope they still have them in stock. Buying a new one seems easier and possibly cheaper than driving a round trip to collect the old one or even paying the postage.

‘Jasmine Somers Makes Amends’ was kept under wraps for most of the evening, whilst we were entertained by the wonderfully talented Jenny Hallam and Loungetoad. Amy Rainbow read some poetry in between the musical sets and then finally read part of Chapter 1 – enough to whet your appetite! The evening was as sparkly as Amy’s evening dress and it was a well attended book launch and I met Ali, one of the writers from Writing for Children classes I attended at the Custard Factory earlier this year. It was nice to see her again.


A Day of Excitement, Fulfillment and a Book Launch!


I have the wonderful treat of writing time today! Hurray! lib7
I have an action plan to catch up with and some submissions to make. I thought I had missed the deadline yesterday and then realised that the 16th is TODAY! This is my first port of call this morning and I will feel so good when they have been made.
It has been a few months since I worked through an action plan properly as I have been very busy with Spoken Word events, work, festivities and keeping my head above water!

This evening I had planned to go to a spoken word event, but then I was invited to a book launch (so many events this year have been launches and if you had told me a year ago that I would be attending book launches I wouldn’t have believed you!) I figure the spoken word event will be there again in January – but people only tend to host a book launch once. Besides it is in another town, where apart from one Stanza meeting (my 1st), I have yet to spread my poetry wings, so it will be good to meet people and know where the venue is for there next event.
The author is Amy Rainbow – and apart from being totally in love with her name, she MC’s the monthly event that I still have to get across to.

I am looking forward to a night out after a long, hard day writing and finally meeting the much talked about Amy Rainbow!




Amy Rainbow
It’s here! Only five years in the making… Please come to the launch of Amy Rainbow – Writer’s debut novel, Jasmine Somers Makes Amends. With entertainment from Loungetoad and Jenny Hallam, and ample opportunity to peruse, stroke and buy the book, this is an evening you can’t afford to miss. The PERFECT Christmas present for yourself and probably everyone you know.


‘Jasmine Somers is determined to put things right.

Inspired by an unexpected confession from a former university friend, Jasmine resolves to look back over her thirty seven years and make amends for her own misdeeds, from dodging the television licence to using her dad’s toothbrush on Fluffy the cat.

But when Jasmine prepares to tackle the issue that has haunted her throughout her marriage and beyond, she realises that some parts of the past might be best left undisturbed…

A humorous and poignant novel following one woman’s journey towards self-acceptance as she slowly begins to grasp the true nature of forgiveness and the real purpose of making amends.’

‘A jolly good read. A delight!’
Maggie Doyle, Worcestershire Poet Laureate Emeritus.

‘Beautiful and funny, touching and brutally honest.’ Lisa Bames.


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