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INKSPILL: Speed Write – How to Produce an Article in Less than 30 Minutes


AWF Speedwrite I am not going to teach you short hand, which is the perfect way to write faster. Our evening speed write is just a fast free write exercise really.

This time though you won’t hit it cold. You are going to have just 5 minutes (set a timer) to do a rough plan, then you can try a speed write. Can you write the whole piece in just 10 minutes?

TASK: Choose one of the following and write a short blog post or article.

1. Why I Blog
2. Interview with (someone who’s no longer living – you make up the answers you think they’d give)
3. 5 Books You Need to Read

Start with an outline

Think about what you want to write, then outline it.

If it’s an article, jot down the subheadings. If it’s a web copy, write down the points you want to cover.

If you prefer, you can also write more detailed outline for easier writing later. Give some keywords to every topic or even paragraph in the article.

Surprisingly this action will possibly spawn more ideas for you in the writing stage later. Most importantly, once you have the outline, writing will be a easier.


Now set the timer 10 minutes and start writing.start time

AWF Edit Allow another 10 minutes to edit and polish.

There you have it, an entire article/blog post in less than 30 minutes. DONE!


SHARE your links or post your speed writes in the comment box on this thread.