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NaPoWriMo ~ Day 10 A Love Poem (Haiku)

Read today’s full AWF post here & the full prompt here.

Years of our lives spent

connected living as one

you know me fully.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

What’s The Agenda – The MAC 21st-23rd March


Last Wednesday I wrote 21 Haikus for What’s the Agenda – a project organised and facilitated by Hayley Frances for the MAC.
The deadline for submissions was the 20th.MAC

I missed the workshop because I couldn’t get tickets from the website, due to an error in the sign up form. I contacted Hayley directly and followed the tasks covered by the workshop.

When I saw the submission details advertised it read – isolation in a digital world – yet the workshop dealt with heritage as well as loneliness. Freewriting tasks I wrote about loneliness and how times have changed – in past generations people lived close to their families or stayed with their families. The world today is open globally, many children move away, across country or continents.
The network support isn’t instantly there – if you are lucky and able you make friends and these become your new family.
The pressures of 21st century living on young people and the changing world they are growing up in can cause all sorts of issues.

I then read up on Hikikomori, including some personal accounts and articles. From here I started freewriting Haikus. I wrote 7 in my lunch break at work, the next 14 flowed out of me in the afternoon, after work and before heading out to perform at Confab Cabaret.

I emailed Hayley and she has used them. Not sure if she used all 21 but they form part of the Agenda weekend exhibition down at the mac

3rd Submission of the Month


        Your submission has been sent.

The best way to get over rejection? Submit something else!

Today has been a write old day for sure, before lunch I wrote 4 poems for tonight’s performance in the Gallery KAF iconat The KAF Re-Launch event, after lunch and a little rest I have written and submitted 5 Haikus for Cat Lovers.

inkspill just write Fingers crossed!