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INKSPILL – Good Morning and Welcome to your BONUS day!

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Good morning! We are delighted to welcome you to an extra day of the INKSPILL writing retreat! coffee lounge 7

Thanks to everyone who has dipped in or actively taken part, we hope you have found it a beneficial and fun experience. We are already planning to facilitate INKSPILL 2 next year.


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So what’s in store today?


ticket1Ideas for writing everyday. (Participation for the 3 mornings of INKSPILL)


AWF Speedwrite 10 Good Reasons to Write Stories


awf workshop How to Write Short Stories (Links to previously published articles)


AWF circle Inkwell 3 – How to write Comedy – your questions answered. Research, polls and questions posted on the blog in the summer. (Links to previously published articles.)


AWF 2013Over to You – Polls, Testimonials and more.


AWF retreat2 Final Feedback & Thank You/ Credits

INKSPILL Good Morning and Welcome to Day 2


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Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of Inkspill.

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The programme for yesterday was delayed slightly and some of the sessions have been pushed forward to today. So we have a full day of events ahead of us, don’t forget to leave your comments and links and if any questions come up, ask them, you would if this was a real life retreat.

I hope that you have managed to dip into some of the Inkspill posts from yesterday. It is not too late, if you join us today I would recommend you start at the 1st posts, give them a read, choose what you would like to do.

If you followed yesterday, you will hopefully have done a 5, 10 or 15 minute free write this morning, if not read the next post.