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I had such a great time on Friday night at the Kidderminster Creatives Re-launch. Read all about it here


© 2014 Heather Wastie

I was delighted when Heather Wastie asked to use part of my poem on material (with full credit of course) – so imagine my excitement this morning when I found out that she posted my entire poem ‘Make Believe’ on the Kidderminster Creatives website!


© 2014 Heather Wastie

I wrote 4 poems specially for the evening and this one is all about artists and creatives in general.


Many thanks to the exceptionally attentive gallery audience and to Heather, for listening to the words.

Kidderminster Creatives (As it is now known!)


KAFI spent Friday night at KAF CREATIVES Re-launch and what a fabulous event it was to be a part of. We performed Spoken Word and Music in the upstairs gallery, surrounded by walls full of Art, which was being sold. A fair few poets are artists too and this was amazing to discover.

I wrote 4 poems especially for the event; Streetart, Flight, Kiss Salesman and Make Believe. Heather Wastie liked ‘Make Believe’ so much she is using part of it as quotation. (Proud and flattered.)

The audience were hugely attentive and the small space was packed!

I even joined in with the Drumming Workshop (held after the upstairs event and before the band!) it was great fun, certainly a work out! Great energy.

It was a great opportunity to be involved in and the whole night was one GREAT, BIG, HAPPY CELEBRATION!

Heather spent the evening taking photos and I thought you might enjoy seeing them too, as they capture the essence of the night!

It was my 1st paid gig, in the form of a beer token, usually reserved only for musicians! Honoured!

Thanks a billion to Kidderminster Creatives!

Copyright © 2014 Heather Wastie